Double Detox Green Smoothie!!


Unlike many others, I am a Monday LOVER!!! The smell of potential in the air.. it's a fresh week free to shape however you like! I kicked off my week with this Green Tea Smoothie: 


1 x Green Tea bag brewed in 300ml of hot water and then left to cool (I like Pukka's Matcha Green Tea - it's the stronger of the many different kinds of green tea you can get and the purest). Green Tea is loaded with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins which function as powerful antioxidants - and that's just one of the many benefits - I'll write more on Green Tea in a later post. 

70g of fresh baby Spinach (great source of vitamin K, A, B6, E, Zinc, Protein - need I go on...)

1 x Banana frozen overnight and then left to thaw for 10 minutes (great source of Potassium)

1 x Tsp of Raw Manuka Honey for sweetening (also great for your digestive system)

Blitz it all together in the blender and Bish Bash Bosh! You've got yourself a highly nutritious breakfast to go! Simples!

Excuse the grin...

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