Motivation Monday! Fav Instagram Accounts!

As previously mentioned, I get a lot of my inspiration and motivation from like minded people on Instagram.
So I thought I would share 4 of my favourite #InstaStalks that I look to when I need a little motivational kick in the butt: 

Alexa Jean Brown (@alexajeanfitness) is a young mum, fitness enthusiast and Shredz Ambassador from Arizona, Alexa designs her own work out programme's (one I follow is Sore to the Core) and healthy eating plans that are available to purchase as Ebooks on her website/blog http://www.alexajeanbrown.com/

Jen Heward (@hunnybunsfit) runs the gym Life Alterning Fitness Inc (http://www.lifealteringfitness.com/) with her partner, she is a Personal Trainer, Diet Coach and Fitness Model based in California! Jen is also an ambassador for Stance!

My Fav two accounts for #CleanEats are: 

My friend Caroline who helped me a hella lot with getting this Blog together! @Low_Carb_Caz is a professional cake designer/maker who runs her own business, she's also a blogger with a love for cocktails and fine food over at www.cocktailsandcaroline.com & my goodness can she put together a plate of healthy deliciousness!!! 

& last but not least, this girl is one of the first health and fitness Instagram account's I started following when I started my journey, @clean_eating_alice is from my neck of the woods here in south east England, an ambassador for @ldn_muscle Alice uses simple clean ingredients and creates masterpiece dinner's that I would happily pay for in a restaurant.

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