My Relationship With Food

Ok first off lets just get this out there - I LOVE A BIG FAT GREASY BEEFBURGER. 

Ahh feel's good to get that off my chest. Now, on to the healthy stuff. 

I've always had a really good relationship with food, I've always eaten anything that's been put in front of me and never been particularly fussy. The problem was that I would eat literally ANYTHING that was put in front of me. 'Who wants the last krispy kreme in the office?' I did. Forget my breakfast? No problem I'll just get something out of the vending machine, a bag of walkers and a snickers bar later and I thought nothing off it. 
For years I got away with eating like that and it wasn't until I turned 24 that it started sitting on my hips. 
So back in early 2014 weighing in 2 stone heavier than I felt comfortable with, I went on my first real diet - Slimmingworld. Now before I go on I want to categorically state that this is purely my story, I know women who have lost 4-5 stone with SW so I'm not for knocking it for one second. SW just didn't work long term for 'me'. 
So anyways, I bought all the books, magazines, tried a lot of different recipes (I still make overnight oats and SW chips, they are just too dang good!)
See the thing that enticed me to start following SW is that you can eat as many carbs as you like, you can have unlimited potatoes, white pasta, white rice, pretty much any white carb other than bread. So I found that I would fill myself up on all of those things not knowing that eating carbs on that level just doesn't agree with me, I would end up feeling bloated and uncomfortable. 
Slimmingworld does train you not to eat fat, your highly sinned on anything that contains fat. The bad thing is that some fats ie avocado, nuts, olive oil they are essential to a healthy diet, healthy skin & healthy nails. The last thing that doesn't work for me on SW is the amount of artifical and processed food's your aloud to have. I like to know that the majority of the fuel I put into my body is natural, clean and not chemically manufactured. 

 I think I lost about 8lbs with SW before I hit my 2 month Plateau. 

So when I came to the conclusion that SW wasn't for me, around about the same time I started working out regularly I did a whole lot of research about different foods, the Paleo way of eating, the green juices, things to look out for in labels, which foods are high in protein, which fats are good for you, complex carbs.. coconut oil, rapeseed oil, PEANUT BUTTER - HALLELUJAH!!!! I started using my fitness pal to measure out my Macro's I follow Jennifer Anistons rule of 40% complex carbs, 30% healthy fats and 30% Protein. Rarely do I get it perfect but that's my goal when I set out my meals each day. 
Monday to Friday I do my best to avoid the birthday cakes at work, the free biscuits our stationery supplier's send in and I try to keep my diet as clean as possible. 
Saturday and Sunday are my 'cheat days' where I can guilt free indulge in my beloved Reeses peanut butter cups or take a visit to Gourmet burger. If I have an event during the week I will miss out on a cheat day at the weekend. Some weekend's I skip the cheat meal entirely purely because I enjoy my clean eats so much and I just fancy some baked seabass and green salad instead of a Chinese take out.  
Obviously I have the odd day during the week where I trip up and fall flat on my face in to a bag of marmite crisps and that's okay so long as I pick myself back up and get back on track for the next day. 

So part of this blogging thingy will be sharing different clean foods/ meals that I enjoy and think/hope you will too!

J'z homemade turkey chilli! Recipe coming soon! 


  1. Can't wait for the chilli recipe.

    As for SW my mum has just lost quite a bit of weight following it and sensibly she's not overloaded on the carbs etc. I've always been a Weight Watcher but I found it was too easy to rely on the micro meals and snacks, thats why I've turned to Paleo. I just wanted clean food!

    Victoria x

    1. Hi Victoria!

      Thanks so much for reading!! The Chilli recipe is now up! That's so great for your mum I take my hat off to her! I've spoken to so many people that it's worked for, just personally for me, it were no good! I totally know what you mean about the weight-watchers ready meals. They do a scrummy tuna mayo pot I sometimes have with a sweet potato for a quick lunch when I don't have time to prep my own!