The Organised Blonde - Sunday Routine

Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week! 
Unless it's a special occasion it's rare that you will find me out in public, it's my day to relax, reflect, prep and organize myself for the week ahead. 
They say a weekend well spent brings a week of content and it's soooo true!! 

I like to get up reasonably early at the weekend's to make sure I get the most out of my time off, well I say early 7.30am-8am is early to most people, in comparison to my week day 5.15am wake up call it's a pretty good lay in. I rarely drink (booze) and if I do I'll only have the one glass, so I don't even remember what a hangover feel's like... I do know it's one of the reasons I don't drink though!! 

Sunday breakfast usually consist's of a hearty but healthy 'fry up' Egg's fried in coconut oil, garlic mushrooms, Grilled Bacon, Asparagus and  tomatoes. A cup of tea and a glass of juice!

If I'm making a roast for lunch then I tend to skip the breakfast in favour of a green shake! 

After breakfast I write my to do's out and get started .. looks a little like this: 

1)  select work wardrobe for the week - iron anything that need's it. (I must admit when it come's to picking out clothes in stores I do weigh up the cuteness of the item against whether it will need ironing - it's not my favorite chore...)

2) packing my gym bag, I find if I miss my Monday work out session, it will throw me off for the entire week. So I've started packing my bag and keeping it in the car. I can then get changed at the office and shoot straight to the gym after! Sorted!
3) Food Prep - anyone who's into health and fitness know's how important it is to be organised with your food. Preparation is Key to ensure you're on plan with your Macro's. 
I mix up what I'm eating for my lunches each week, last week I was having Greek salads with Pitta's and chicken, sometimes I like to have a sweet baked potato with tuna and spinach salad, Mackerel and bean salad...the list goes on! This week I'm having open sandwiches (toasted seeded wholewheat bread, mashed avocado mixed with chilli flakes in place of butter, turkey ham, Leerdammer light cheese and tomatoes.)
I'll make the sandwiches at work  so this week it was just my snacks to keep me away from the vending machine that I had to prep ahead.

This weeks snacks and drinks consist of; Smart Water, Lemons for hot lemon water, SKYR fat free high protein yogurts, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Quest Bars, Pukka Green Tea and Berroca vitamins!

4) Last thing I always do each weekend is a little pamper session to ensure I'm feeling my best for the start of the week. Face mask (I'm loving quick fix facials Mega moisture mask for dry and thirsty skin at the moment - you can pick up a bottle in boot's for around £3.50) Nails - I have a huuuuuge collection of nail polishes from Rimmel to Essie and Nubar I am obsessed with having different and fresh nails. It drives me scatty when I have chipped nail, to the point I won't pay for someone else to put Gels on me because I wouldn't want to have to depend on them fixing a chipped manicure! At the moment I'm loving the Essie lighter shades such as 'Back In the Limo & Fiji). 

So that's pretty much it, those are my main to do's! The rest of my Sunday is spent cooking a nice meal, relaxing with the mister & watching movies!

J xoxo

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  1. There's nothing like a good Sunday to get organised for the week ahead.

    Victoria x