Coconut Oil Me Up!

I was having dinner with the girls the other night and the topic of Coconut oil came up, my friend is using it to help cure her sons suspected eczema, I've recently got my other half using it as a moisturizer to soften his hands that have been hardened from wearing work gloves. I even heard someone talking about how they use coconut oil to naturally whiten their teeth by swishing it around their mouth for 5 minutes a day. Have you noticed suddenly out of no where there's a coconut craze going on?! If you haven't yet been on this coconut oil craze -- allow me to introduce you! 

I've been using coconut oil for cooking for around a year now, it's had a bit of a bad rep before because some people think that because it's known for being high in saturated fat and because some crazies in the 60's told everyone to avoid saturated like the plague as it increases the level of cholestoral in your blood stream that it must be bad for you. Wrong. There are 2 types of chloestoral. Low Density Lipoproteins (Bad - clogs up your arteries and leads to heart issues) and High Density Lipoproteins (Good - gives nutrition and energy to your blood cells and helps to lower the level of bad Cholesterol). Coconut oil is full of Lauric and Capric Acid which raises the level of high density cholesterol, helping to delay ageing, increases metabolism and boosts immunity. 

So you can eat saturated fat's and look amazing - crazy eh? 
Just be careful that you only purchase edible extra virgin coconut oil- not all available in supermarkets are manufactured for cooking and if not produced in the correct environment can cause you some tummy problems. I also recommend Organic extra virgin coconut oil as it's less heavy on the pallet. 

So, a few more benefit break downs, Coconut Oil: 

  • Improves Type 2 & 1 Diabetes
  • Conditions and strenghthens your hair by improving dandruff and penetrating your roots.
  • Improves or Heals skin diseases such as Acne, Keratoris Polaris, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea & Fungal infections
  • Kills Viruses and Many kinds of bacteria.
  • Kills Candida Fungus
  • Improves or reverses Alzheimer's Disease
  • Provides Peak performance drug free energy and longers your endurance
  • Promotes Weight Loss, promotes Ketosis and preseves Muscle Mass. 

Check out this amazing article to find out more about my beloved coconut oil! 

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