Confessions Of A Shopaholic - May/June Edition

It's no secret that I have a slight addiction to the odd credit card bashing shopping spree, In the words of Carrie Bradshaw  'I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my wardrobe.' 
Monday to friday I can usually be found in a pencil skirt or a shift dress and a pair of heels - the higher the better, that's my signature look, by 5.30pm you're likely to find me in gym leggings and kicks ready to get a sweat on. At the weekend my outfits are completely spurred by my mood, skinny jeans with a vest top and a pair of boots are my classic go to outfits though. 
I don't really follow 'fashion' the only fashion show I watch every year without fail is Victoria's Secret, purely because those girls are super hot and I want to be them haha, no but they do put on an amazing show and the outfits are always out of this world. 
Rather than follow the latest trends, I think it's important to dress your body to suit your frame, and find your own personal style, if you find something in the latest trends that you can mix into that then great, but not every fashion is for every person. If you feel comfortable in what your wearing then your going to be more confident in it, and if your confident in what your wearing your going to look a million times better to everyone. So don't be a sheep, you don't need to wear a dress that looks like it was made out of your nans curtains just because some designer somewhere says it's fashionable. 

Gym Apparel, I'm forever reading people's comments on other peoples blogs about how the gym isn't a fashion show, how they just go to the gym in an old baggy t'shirt and some 20 year old joggers....blah blah blaaaaaahhhhh If that's your thing, good for you!! 

Again for me, personally, if I feel comfortable and confident in what I'm wearing,  I'm going to do better at what I'm doing and I spend 4-8 hours trending as a sweaty beetroot so I choose to try and blend it out a bit by investing in my Gymdrobe. 

Soooo some of May's cheeky purchases, below is my new work tote by Anne Klein (It has all these different department's for me to organize my work stuff - I'll bore you with another post on my daily essentials later)  a little polka dot Tommy Hilfiger weekend bag & this Strong is Sexy Reebok training vest, all from Century 21 which is this great discount store in New York, if you head over to pay your respects at ground zero C21 is right across the street, you cant miss it and it's well worth a visit.

Obviously whilst in New York I had to take advantage of the exchange rates and stock up on my Victoria Secrets, here's some of my training gear I got there, I also got some VS Knockout cropped joggers - they are seriously the most flattering and comfy training joggers you can get! They cost near on $60 but I promise they are worth the extra $£. 

Then this morning I also got a delivery from Smac Str8 Savage Beast who are a fairly new independent fitness apparel group over in the states, if your on Instagram check out @crackavelli713 he's a great guy and can hook you up with some fresh and unique training gear, you can also head over to their site www.smacstr8savagebeast.storenvy.com - I'm really looking forward to getting back to training and repping these guys. 

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