Meet Lady Paris

If you follow my Social Media, you'll probably already have been inundated with pictures of the psychotic terror that is Lady Paris.
I've had her coming up 3 week's now, she's 14 weeks old &  games such as eat mummy's expensive GHD's , chasing the cat's, chasing feet and ball with my mums pup are amongst her favorite things do.
I'm not going to lie, having a puppy is not 'as' easy as I had imagined, she can be quite hard work sometimes. Paris is a Pomeranian and they are incredibly intelligent, she picks up tricks etc fairly quickly, however it also makes it quite a challenge to keep their brains stimulated at all times. 
From next month I am hoping to get her enrolled into puppy training classes, more for me than her. I've always been shockingly bad at discipline, so if I really shout at her she does this shocked jump back stare and a playful growl at me as if to say 'and who do you think your talking to' which I then instantly find quite funny and dogs can read you like a book I'm telling ya, you don't have to smile or cry  - they just know. Paris knows I can't stay mad at her for longer than 60 seconds and she plays me on it all the time. 

Regardless of her eating my stuff and destroying my house, Paris has completely changed my life, for the better. She is so loyal, so loving and innocent, she's smart, hilarious, and I like to be kept on my toes! Besides it wouldn't make sense to have a puppy that isn't as ridiculously crazy as her mama right?! 

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  1. I wish I could get a dog but I'm just not at home enough to allow it. Lady Paris is gorgeous,

    Victoria x