Melly's Pesto Chickadee with Courgetti! Recipe Share!

Hey Thur!! Happy Friday!! 

Quick little recipe for you to try, I would love to take credit for it but this come's courtesy of a dinner date at my girl Melly's pad. Pesto chickadee with Courgetti! It's simple, fast and clean! 

Ingredients to feed 2: 

400g skinless chicken boob diced

1 Large courgette in strips, I used a potato peeler to do mine but I did notice the other day Tesco are selling pots of ready to cook courgetti for £1! 
1 big handful of baby plum tomatoes sliced in half
1 red onion thinly diced
0.5 jar of reduced fat green pesto 
1 big handful of pine nuts
1 tsp of coconut oil
Salt & Pepper to season

Start off by gently frying your red onions in some coconut oil, meanwhile season your diced chicken breast. After 4 or so minutes add in the chicken and fry for a further 7-10 minutes until pretty much cooked through, then add in the rest of your ingredients for another 3 minutes et voila! Dinner is done! 

This has quickly become a staple dinner in my house as it takes barely any prep or time at all it's great for something quick after a hard session at the gym!  Cheers Melly! 

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