Random But Best Ever Green Shake

The other morning I was chatting to a friend who was showing off his excellent smoothie making skills. I got a little jellyfish and decided I needed a shake in my life. So I had a little dig around the fridge and cupboards and threw this beauty together, now I realize it's a bit of a random combination but it actually tasted really good and it's full to the brim with healthy goodness. 

1 x Banana
3 x Big handfuls of baby spinach
250ml Almond milk (unsweetened)
1 x Tbsp peanut butter
10 cubes of frozen mango

Blitz in the blender et voila! Done! I Served mine with a side of Berroca for an extra vitamin boost. 


  1. This sounds great! Do you think it would work with any other type of milk? I'm not a fan of Almond Milk... strange when I love Almonds.

  2. Hi There! Firstly, thank you soo much for reading! Really appreciate your interest. I haven't tried it with any other milk but I can't really imagine why it wouldn't work with any other milk, I imagine coconut milk would be lovely in this? Let me know or feel free to reblog this recipe with your adaption on your blog (which looks great may i add) Have a great day!!!