Its A New Day! Life Detox With Me!

Okay, lets have a moment of pure honesty. Regardless of how wonderful we portray our lives to be to the outside world via our social media, we all crash from time to time, we all burn, we all make shuddy decisions and we all make mistakes. We take our eyes away from our goals and we lose our minds in situations we often create for ourselves. Then, we punish ourselves for our fall outs, for eating 5000 calories in comfort food, for drinking that entire tequila bottle dry - the answer wasn't at the bottom was it? 

HOWEVER... The TRULY beautiful thing about life is every single day that your blessed enough wake up, you have the opportunity to dissolve all negativity and the opportunity to make changes and regain your self control, banishing the demons taking up space in your mind. I call this 'The Detox'. 

So we'll start with food & fluids. Ultimately this is what fuels your brain. By cleansing your diet not only are you doing amazing things for your physical appearance which will make you feel better, but your feeding your brain the energy it need's to process your thoughts with clarity.

* Asparagus: helps liver drainage, sounds a bit grim but seeing as your liver is responsible for filtering the toxins in the food and drink you consume - a little bit of liver cleansing is essential. 
* Avocado: full of antioxidants these bad boys helps lower cholesterol and dilate arteries blocking toxicity's in their path. Avocado's also contain the nutrient 'glutathione' which helps the liver detoxify synthetic chemicals. 
* Beetroot: these superhero's fight infection, purify blood and cleanse your liver. They also help to boost your cellular intake of oxygen. When detoxing don't forget these beaut's they will help force those toxins all the way out of your system.
* Blueberries: your natural aspirin, these will help lessen any pain naturally by reducing inflammation in your body. Blueberries also act as antibodies by blocking bacteria in your urinary tract therefore helping prevent infections. Great if like me your not a fan of cranberries. Research shows that people who eat a bowl of blueberries a in the morning have a more active brain in the afternoon than those who don't. I'm so over you afternoon flops! 
* Broccoli: specifically working with the enzymes in your liver making toxins something your body can eliminate quickly and efficiently. Broccoli contains an incredibly powerful anti microbial called 'Sulforaphane' which helps prevent diabetes, allergies and cancer. 
* Cabbage: anyone who's ever tried dieting has come across the cabbage soup diet. Cabbage aids you in going to the bathroom helping you to expel toxins making it a detox favorite. It contains 'Sulfur' which is essential when it comes to breaking down chemicals and removing them from your body. Cabbage is also a source of 'Indole-3-carbinol - a chemical that boosts DNA repair in your cells and helps block the growth of cancer cells. 
* Flaxseeds: Try adding 2 teaspoons of ground flaxseeds in lemon water each morning, they are a great source of fibre that helps to bind and flush toxins from the intestines.
* Garlic: Contains high quantities of 'Sulfur' also boosts your immune system, helps out the liver and has antibiotic properties proven to be more effective than antibiotic tablets working in a fraction of the time. Worth a little garlic breath eh?!
* Green Tea: Obvz... Super high in antioxidants, I swear by it.. so much so there's an entire post dedicated to it on here.. :D 
* Smart Water: I must go through at least 14 bottle's of this a week, yes it tastes just like normal water.. but it is full of electrolytes which hydrate's and refreshes you twice a quick as standard mineral water. Jennifer Aniston swear's by it and I mean, have you seen her?! 
* Greeny Leafy Vegetables: we're talking Spinach, Kale, wheat grass, these beauts are high in 'Chlorophyll' which helps your liver break down and eliminate toxins, it also acts alone to clean your body of the toxins we take in through our environment such as smog, heavy metals and pesticides. Try my double detox green tea smoothie with spinach recently posted on here. 
* Fruit's to add to your water: Cucumber - prevents water retention and has anti-inflammatory properties. Strawberry & Kiwi - Strawberries help fight carcinogens and contain anti-aging properties such as biotin and the antioxidant ellagic acid which prevents sagging skin, where as Kiwi is a super food packed with vits A & E which help prevent free radicals. Kiwi also help to flush out toxins from the colon. 

Now, Self Therapy.... what is it that started this episode of self destruction that's made you want to detox your life in the first place? Hectic party life? Relationship Drama's? End of a relationship/friendship? Work place insanity? Maybe you've put on some unwanted weight? Dealing with other insecurities? Whatever it is, the key to getting over it is admitting the issue to yourself and confronting it head on. No I don't mean confronting the person(s) involved. I personally find that when I confront someone about how they have made me feel it actually leaves me feeling more vulnerable than I did in the first place, especially if I speak in anger. 
Collate your thoughts and write them down, the situation, how the situation has made you feel, what in that moment you would like to say the person(s) involved. If it has been going on for some time, repeat this activity daily until you no longer feel the need. Save these letters to yourself, hidden - they are for your eyes only remember. I find I often forget the way people have made me feel, leading me to letting them do it again. So digging out these letters to myself prove helpful later on when I need reminding. I'm all about second chances, but depending on how bad the situation made me feel, a third is often a stretch too far. 
The idea is you write them down, you close your laptop, take a deep breath and continue your day and try not to wallow in those emotions as you do so. 
Do not take to social media to express your deepest and darkest thoughts or pass cryptic messages to the person(s) who has affected you. The sad truth is, very few people care and other's are simply entertained by the suffering of others. If your lucky enough to have a small group of trustworthy family members or friends, confide in them if you really feel the need to. 
That cupboard full of junk you've been meaning to clear out for however long? Get your ass in there. Reorganize the clutter. Take that bag of clothes you no longer wear to the charity shop. Clear out your phone, get rid of old contacts your no longer speaking to, delete the 5000 messages/emails, upload your pictures you've been meaning to get printed for the last 6 months. Take your car for a professional valet. Rearrange your living room. Pamper yourself - really important. If your in a slump it's usually the last thing you want to do, Pamper, but I promise you that you will feel better for that long hot shower and manicure session. Plan an event for someone, any birthday's coming up? Friends babies on the way? Get your party planner on! Find a cause your passionate about and see if there are any volunteering positions you can find time to fill. Pet therapy - my little Pomeranian Paris gives the best cuddles, she loves me unconditionally regardless of my mood or how I look. She loves and depends on me, that emotional connection will be with us until the day we part ways.
Exercise - get your arse down that gym or race track and blow off some steam, get those happy endorphin's running through your body. Sweat the drama away. It works I promise!
& Finally, for goodness sakes, SLEEP. Put that phone down an hour before you plan to go to bed, pick up a book (I'm reading ':59 seconds' by Professor Richard Wiseman - really good, highly recommend it). Aim for 8 hours of good sleep and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel each morning. 

What we're doing here is rebuilding a sense of control over our lives again, this in time will rebuild the confidence that has been damaged by ' The Situation' Learn to Inspire yourself. Too often we allow people to tear us down, to put doubts in our minds. Ultimately you are the only person who can determine how you end up as a result of situations. Only you can fix you. 

I'm no psychologist I'm only writing what works for me, this is exactly how I detox my life and move past situations I'm not comfortable with. I feel my best when I have my sh*t together. 

You will always be beautiful and strong. No one else's opinion of you can ever change that. You just need to take the time to realize it.

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