Overnight Chia Oat Pudding!

Just lately I seem to have a greatly increased appetite. Maybe it's because I'm back at the gym regularly or maybe it's because I've been feeling super content and homely in my downtime lately, who knows. All I know is that I had to find a way to keep myself full in the mornings without reaching for the treat tin. This next recipe most certainly did the trick.


1/4 cup of Scottish porridge oats
300ml of coconut almond milk (I normally buy just almond but this was on offer and its super tasty) 
3 tsps of Chia Seeds
1 tsp of coconut palm sugar or honey to sweeten
Blueberries - as many as you want

Mix all of the ingredients well in a pretty jar, I picked this one up in the pound shop, then refrigerate over night. You can mix in pretty much any fruit, I imagine mashed banana would be a great addition to this recipe. At serving you could mix in a tsp of your favorite nut butter, pumpkin seeds, almonds. 

Et voila! Simple, tasty and filling! 

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