Raspberry & Strawberry Chia Jam

I'm all about finding new tasty ways to spruce up my health snacks, lets face it - as wholesome as clean eats can be, they can also be just as bland. Soooo whilst I had my couple of weeks off I got to trying out a few things in the Kitchen. This recipe was inspired by one in Madeline Shaws 'Get The Glow' book. 

1 Punnet of fresh Raspberries
10 Fresh Strawberries
1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds
1 Teaspoon of Manuka Honey
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

It's as simple as this
Slice the stalks from your Strawberries, put all your fruit in a large colander and wash through thoroughly. Then add all of the ingredients except the Chia seeds to your blender and pulse blitz until smooth.  Pour into a pot or pretty Jar, I picked this one up in the pound shop then stir in your Chia Seeds. If you want your jam really thick you could add more Chia seeds. 
Refridgerate for 2 hours and your good to go. The longer you leave it the thicker your jam gets. I like to mix mine into my protein yogurts with fresh blueberries and almonds - so much flavvvvaaa!! 
This lasts in the fridge for approx 3 days, unless your me, it only lasts in my house for 48 hours... greedy bellies.. 

Blonde Fact: I always accidentally call strawberries tomatoes for some reason... oh and egg soldiers are in fact egg shoulders - I say so. 

Until next time.... x

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