Vitamins Darling, Vitamins.

So your revamping your diet, adding extra proteins, keeping an eye on your complex carbs and making sure you eat the correct fats essential to you.. are you remembering to take the vitamins you need to help your body use these other nutrients to the best of its ability?

Research suggests that keeping your cells conditioned with the right vitamins and minerals can also help to prevent cancer & heart disease amongst many other health problems. Whilst it’s best to get these vitamins directly from your food I avidly take a Berroca vitamin boost with my breakfast each day for that extra peace of mind that I have the essentials running through me.

Vitamin A – comes from cod liver oil, leafy greens, carrots, milk & egg yolks.
Great for: Growth, appetite, taste buds and eyesight
RDA: 800mcg

Vitamin B1 – comes from seafood, wholegrains, seeds, potatoes, red meat and nuts
Great for: Digestion, Nervous System, Muscles, Heart
RDA: 1.1mcg

Vitamin B2 – comes from spinach, eggs, milk, whole grains
Great for: Skin, Nails, hair, eyesight, breaks down your fat, carbohydrates and protein.
RDA: 1.4mcg

Vitamin B6 – comes from seafood, whole grains, watermelon, potatoes, bananas, prunes and red meat.
Great for: Nervous system, prevents skin conditions and helps your body absorb carbohydrates and proteins
RDA: 1.4mcg

Vitamin B12 – comes from shellfish, poultry, whole grain cereals, eggs, cheese and milk
Looks after: formation of the nerves and creating red blood cells
RDA: 2.5mcg

Vitamin C – comes from Citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, kiwi fruit and peppers
Great for: immune defense system, healing wounds, cell lifespan, reducing cholesterol and prevents scurvy
RDA: 80mcg

Vitamin D – comes from cod liver oil, seafood such as sardines, salmon, tuna. Milk, and sunlight
Great for: Your bones, teeth and hair
RDA: 5mcg

Vitamin E – comes from eggs, spinach, sprouts, broccoli, vegetable oil, soya beans and nuts
Great for: fighting toxins, vitamin E is the most powerful of all the antioxidants
RDA: 10mcg

Folic Acid Properties – comes from carrots, yeast, egg, melons, avocado, pumpkin, leafy greens and wholewheat
Great for: production of your red blood cells
RDA: 200mcg (if your pregnant or planning to conceive you should increase to 400mcg for until around 12 weeks of pregnancy).

*RDA: Recommended daily allowance

*MCG: Micrograms

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