Back In The Gym!!!!

Where the heck is 2015 going? August already? Seriously? This last month feels as though has been the busiest of my year so far. Works crazy busy which I love! Nothing worse than having nowt to do and watching the time tick by & I enjoy what I do, so no complaints.
In my free time I've been back in the gym training after having to take 6 weeks out for medical reasons. The first 3 sessions nearly killed me, by the 4th I was addicted to the rush again. Honey, I'm home! 
So I tend to start off my work outs with a few Yoga stretches, the downward dog, child's pose, twisting triangle, Sep head to knee, side angle & triangle. 
Then I do 10-15 minutes of cardio, just to get my blood flowing and my body warmed up. I'm not a fan of the treadmill - it bores me so I'll tend to stick to either rowing or the cross trainer. At this stage, I'm a lovely shade of sweaty beetroot, my adrenaline's going and I'm ready to kick ass. The next part depends completely on what area I'm working on that day. This week I've been mainly focusing on my core and my butt, which involves a lot of weighted squats, planks, Swiss ball roll outs, crunches (front and side with a medicine ball). Leg press, my other half taught me the progressive overload method.  Which is basically where you progressively take up the weight as you go, starting with 15 reps, when you get to a stage where you think oh I could easily do another 10, put the weight up, aiming for another 15 reps, as your weight goes up the more you start to struggle, don't take the weight back down just push out as many as you can. I've found this method has really helped me build strength all over. There's a hundred different work out's I could go into and I will 'try' to go more in depth about some of them in some later posts. (I find some of the moves quite hard to describe in writing).
I always finish my work outs with an all over body stretch out session and a protein shake!  

Finally, I've spoken about Alexa Jean before on my top Instagram accounts, well she has designed several different work out's for people that don't have gym membership that I've purchased and tested and the following one is my favvvvooouuurrriittteee:


British GBP it works out around £6.50, the moves are simple and easy to follow but give you the most incredible ab burn after. Highly recommend it. I quite often do one of these work outs in the gym when I'm focusing on my abs but they can ALL be done at home without equipment. 

This was taken before my first session back - check the mushroom hair! Sports bra by Adidas, gym pants by Victoria's Secret.

Leg Pressing, as you can see my gym is bright, clean and fresh, one of the many reasons I love it. Down the bottom there you have the muscle clan (regulars) doing their thang! 

Gym session 2, Top is by Pink Victoria's Secret, Gym pants by Nike.

Gym essentials, smart shakers - honestly the best protein shaker you can get! My iphone arm strap and sony headphones (I like to mainly work out to punk rock). Gym pants are by Victoria's secret.

And the reason I don't work out at home very often.... Lady Paris. She likes to get a little too involved!

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