Life Prep Sunday!!

Even if I sleep through my alarm and have to run out the door with a birds nest for hair the rest of the week, I'm always determined to at least kick my week off with a tidy start! That involves outfit prepping, face masks, manicure, pedicure, and ensuring I have everything I need for a clean eating start to the week also! Here's a couple of bits on the menu this week:

Strawberries and Blueberries - my favourite two detox fruits.
Skyr Yoghurts - I LOVE THESE! 14g of protein, 118 calories of tasty stuff! 
Banana and Spinach to be frozen, take them out an hour before your ready to use them and you have a cool refreshing base to you green shake! Add your favourite nut butter (I like cashew butter in my shakes at atm) some mango, even some blueberries, almond coconut milk, blend and your good to go! 
My overnight chia seed oatmeal - recipe posted on here last week
Big bag of almonds & that's snack prep done! 

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  1. Sunday is my life prep day too! Love that you prep smoothie ingredients in a bag, I definitely need to start doing this.