Life with Paris


I've been sat here blogging for hours now, I don't have a whole lot of spare time during the week so I jot down idea's on the go and when I find a rest night that I'm actually home I try and dedicate it to writing them up. This mean's I'm actually writing this 6 day's before it's scheduled to launch. - Hey I can see the future! Ok ridiculously crummy joke, it's been a long day. Back to the point, the entire time I've been sat here typing my idea's away, Paris my faithful side kick has been curled up next to me occasionally snuggling herself into me. N'awwww! So we've had Paris nearly 3 months now, she's settled right into our home and daily routines it feel's like she's been here forever. Last time I wrote about little lady I mentioned how challenging it had been and that we had a couple of training issues. Well she's still a pain in the ass... you still can't leave a phone charger within reach and food is pretty much fair game as far as she's concerned but she's getting better each day. Her accidents are getting fewer n farther between & she hasn't face dived into my dinner for at least a week!! Progress! My mum has been amazing to both of us, I work a lot so Paris stay's with her during the work days. Mum has a 3 year old shitzu/pug and they really are best friends so it's worked out quite nicely. Boo's little face lights up every morning when I drop girly off and Paris does this crazy tail/full bum wag when she see's Boo. It's the cutest thing! 

My eyes are literally dropping right now so I need to sign out and get me some beauty sleep, but before I go here are a few recent pics of my foxy lady! 

with Spyda one of our puddy's, she like's to pretend their friends.. 
Walkies & ball are amongst her favourite things to do
Napping with mummy is another... 

We actually experienced car sickness with her, has anyone else had that with their pup? The only time she's okay is when she's on the passenger side/on my lap. Maybe that was just a ploy for the best seat in the car? 

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