There's Something About..... TWP's Diet Super Greens!

I have a new Love in my life. It makes me feel fresh, cleansed and energized meanwhile tasting like a cocktail you'd find in a tropical beach! Others know this as 'Diet Super-Greens' by The Protein Works. I know it as my 'Superwoman Fuel'. It is the one health supplement for the last 2 weeks I've had with my breakfast every single day without fail! It boosts natural energy that stays with me the entire day rather than a temporary caffeine or sugar surge that leaves me wanting a nap under my desk by 3pm. I genuinely couldn't rate it higher and have and will recommend it to anyone who will listen! In fact one of the girls at work was feeling a bit sniffly last week, I dosed her up with one glass of Diet Super-Greens, 2 Vitamin B boosting Tetley Green Tea's & a lemon and manuka honey tea - 3 hours later she came back to me full of beans and feeling amazing! Guess what's on her Payday shopping list?

Before You Buy - I always think it's important to fully understand what your investing in - Good health products do generally tend come with a higher price tag that immediately consumers turn their nose up at. This isn't a ploy trying to make money out of your quest to be healthy, it's due to the quality of the ingredients that go inside the product and the scientific research that has gone into creating it. Diet Super-Greens generally retail at £32.99 for 500g which is 41 servings. However if you keep your eyes open, quite often you can find it on 'deal of the week' at The Protein Works getting up to 33% discount & Today it's included in their end of summer sale for £24.99!! I've taken the following from TWP's website to give you a little more insight into what makes this product so beneficial to your health: 

'Diet Super Greens powder reads like a who's who on the superfoods list. It is first and foremost a potent greens powder which is unrivalled in terms of its vitamin and mineral profile. As well as contributing to your FIVE-A-DAY, Diet Super Greens is designed to aid immune function and enhance cellular energy. This is because Diet Super Greens powder provides such a wide spectrum of highly bio-available whole food nutrients that are absorbed and used by the body efficiently. Every ingredient adds nutritional weight to the formula.
More specifically, Diet Super Greens is made from a synergistic blend of 23 of the most nutrient dense ingredients from the superfoods list. These include wheatgrass, barley grass powder, spirulina, chlorella, pomegranate powder, spinach powder, broccoli powder, alfalfa powder, elderberry powder, bilberry powder, carrot powder and a polyphenol blend, but to name a few.

Fat Loss Ingredients In Diet Super Greens Powder
Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Super Greens, Diet Super Greens is formulated to help prevent fat storage and aid fat loss whilst at the same time boosting overall health. Diet Super Greens contains optimal dosages of ingredients proven to help promote fat loss. Here we breakdown the exact science of each so you can see how it can support achieve your training goals:
  • Green Tea Extract (140mg) - is a very powerful antioxidant that's been shown to help increase the amount of fat your body is able to burn during exercise and improve how your body processes carbohydrates.
  • CLA (500mg) - Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a special kind of fatty acid that has been shown to help prevent fat storage and accelerate fat loss at the same time.
  • Acetyl L Carnitine (500mg) - has become one of the most popular fat burning amino acids in sports nutrition today based on its ability to encourage the body to use fat stores as energy more effectively.
  • Yerba Mate (250mg) - is a natural, stimulatory fat loss ingredient that's renowned for providing a 'smoother', sustained energy flow compared to other harsher stimulants. It's shown to help speed up the metabolism and encourage the body to use fat stores as energy more effectively.
  • Guarana (300mg) - is another natural, stimulatory fat loss ingredient that synergistically works with the super foods in Diet Greens to help increase the amount of fat your are able to burn during exercise.
  • Chromium Picolinate (50mcg) - is a mineral shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.
  • Tyrosine (250mg) - helps the body lose fat through a very different mechanism to most other ingredients which is why it's dramatically risen in popularity within the diet market. Tyrosine is an amino acid that can help play a key role in controlling neurotransmitters that govern mental alertness, combat stress and help motivation when dieting or cutting.

Diet Super Greens is also renowned for its detoxifying, digestive and energizing properties. This is because the active ingredients in TPW™ Diet Super Greens help to support each and every cell in the body. It can be taken as a snack in between meals or as part of a diet plans. It is also ideal for anyone looking to improve their digestive processes. Diet Super Greens has also been shown to increase body alkalinity. This means it encourages the PH of the body to become more alkaline and less acidic which in turn means bacteria and viruses are less likely to thrive. This is particularly important for people with hectic lifestyles as Diet Super Greens provides a convenient way of achieving the benefits associated with eating FIVE-A-DAY of fruit and vegetables.'

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