Season Changes & Training Madness

The last couple of weeks almost seem like a bit of a blur to me, I'm so sorry I haven't found the time to post on here much. I really have been  non stop working and training. I even forced myself to power through a nasty & chesty cold, there's been no breaks. I'm fully focused at the moment and it's left me little time for much else. I'm currently training 5/6 days a week, I've befriended a training partner and my goodness, she makes me work!! 
The other morning I was making my 5am cuppa joe when I noticed the morning sunshine had abandoned me in favor of the darkness and frosty breeze marking the start of Fall 2015.
What I've noticed with the change in seasons is the decrease in people attending the gym. Many of the faces I had come to know over the last 2 months seem to have gone into hibernation leaving just the regular gym addicts such as myself.. this will ofcorse U-Turn in a couple of months with New Years resolutions and so on... 
For me personally, I get my best training done in the fall and winter. In the summer months I want to be with my friends, enjoying late night garden parties and breaks away. With the exception of Christmas and occasional nights out with friends my winters are generally alot calmer and quieter making it the perfect opportunity to get that extra night or two's training in because like they say - Summer bodies are made in the winter!

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