Victoria Secret's Shopping Haul

I've always been a bit cautious about shopping online when it come's to importing from the states, lately I've made a few exceptions in the name of Victoria Secrets <3 I just fell in love with this outfit from their website & I had no time to get into London to see if I could find it in store! VSX knock out training leggings are THE MOST comfortable on the market in MY opinion, and this training bra is not only super cute but it has amazing bap support too! The full outfit came to around £70 and was worth every penny. 
If you decide to shop online for VSX watch out for the taxes - they don't get added on right until the end of the check out, I believe it worked out to be around 9% of the full order value. 


Gym bag essentials according to blonde

It can never be said that I travel lightly.... in fact I deem it necessary to load myself up like a donkey with the most amount of crap you can imagine - whatever the occasion. 
My gym bag is non the different, here are few of my 'essentials' : 

A towel, of course! I found the cutest pink towel on Amazon for like a tenner and it has a little zip compartment to store my locker key & lifting gloves in. So nifty! 
Weight lifting gloves, to keep my hands pretty and assist my grip. 
Polar Watch, I don't really use this so much these days since I'm trying not to lose any more weight I do less cardio (maybe 10 minutes a day as a warm up) and more weighted exercises... so the pain I'm in the 2 days after the session tells me how good my workout was. Saying that if your new to fitness, or if you have had a bad couple of weeks eating naughties and want to cut some weight these little beauts are great for monitoring your calorie intake against calories burnt and I highly recommend them. The Polar watch monitors your heart rate against your weight to give you a calorie burn reading. It's a good little egg on as well thinking 'well I'm not leaving here until I've done at least 500!'
Sony headphones - I tried on a pair of overhead beats once, I looked like a right wally. So these £10 sony plug ins work for me!
Nike iphone arm strap - I've tried a couple of different cheaper arm straps in the past and they have all broken or are too big for my chicken arms, the Nike ones are great though you can easily change the song on your iphone, I've had it 10 months and it hasn't worn out at all. 
2 x 2.5kg Ankle weights hiding somewhere down the bottom there, I use these on the treadmill,  stair master, to do donkey kicks, pretty much anything I want to add ''just a little bit' of weight resistance to. 
Resistance band... I'll be honest, I don't really use this... it's there just in case .. haha!
Anti-Perspirant - because no one wants to be a smelly sweaty blonde... 
Body Mist - I particularly like Victoria Secrets mists, a little fruity, soft & keep me feeling fresh through out the entire work out. 
The little black bag has random bits in, hair ties, a tangle teaser, hair grips. 
I always take a water bottle with some BCAA's and juice & a protein shake for after my work out also. 


Body Fuel!

When I moved into my current house 2 and a bit years ago, I was thrilled to have a kitchen cupboard spare which I dedicated to baking naughty treats for my belly! Last Saturday I cleared out that cupboard and filled it with some of my favourite health goodies!! How times have changed... How I have changed...

Here are some of the things I'm loving at the moment:
MyProtein Maple Syrup Pancake Mix - I have to have these at least once a week, I loves! Mix it with a little coconut milk, so simple to make, tastes amazeballs with The Protein Works smooth peanut butter and blueberries. 
Coconut Palm Sugar, like normal sugar, but slightly less bad for you and its super sweet so you don't need to use as much. I deem this as making it healthy.. hah! 
MyProtein HighPro Deluxe Vanilla & Toffee protein bars, these beauties taste just like Topic bars (my fav milk chocolate bar) at 252 calories and 25g of protein they are a great 'guilt-free' treat! 
The Protein Works Cherry Bakewell Whey Protein - OH EM GEEEEEEE - best protein shake ever... I actually look forward to this after a hard session.... nomnomnomm want one now..
The Protein Works BCAA Advanced 4:1:2 - Cherry Limeade flavor. The three amino acids that are essentially the smaller building blocks of proteins, so combined with a high protein diet these support your muscle mass as well maintaining your bones. I find sipping BCAAs through a workout and the next morning after a particularly intense training session reduces the amount of pain I'm feeling the next day. This is the first BCAA I have found that doesn't taste like chalk.. I rate it so much that I sent some over to the states for a friend to try!
Something that isn't in the cupboard as I left it in the office, The Protein Works Diet Super Greens - My go to energy drink! 5 portions of fruit and veg in one glass! There's an entire post on it somewhere on here and it's worth digging out for a read to find out all the benefits of adding this to your daily diet.
I just purchased the MyProtein Nutri Green version also to try so I'll let you know how I get on with that. 
Smart Shakers !! I find these the easiest shakers to use and clean for my protein shakes, to the point I don't really buy any other brand anymore. MyProtein have teamed up with SmartShake and I find them cheaper on their website than any of the stores stocking them. 


Fall Cheat Treats - Home Made Pumpkin pie!

The perfect fall Sunday for me involves a warming Roast Dinner, a casual walk though the cold crisp air and my boots crunching through the beautiful autumn leaves before returning back home to the sweet sweet cinnamony smell of Home made PUMPKIN PIE! Hmmmmmnnn.... Ok Lets do this!
3/4's cup of granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1 can of Libby's pure pumpkin
1 small can of Nestle carnation evaporated milk
1 unbaked 9 inch deep dish pie shell - I made my own in this picture but it was such a nightmare I got it wrong like 4 times first, I want to keep this easy for you. Easy, relaxing & delishamous.
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
Half tsp. salt
Half tsp. ground ginger
Quarter tsp. ground cloves
 *Optional but damn good - double cream to serve!
How we do - in 4 simple steps:
Step 1 - In a small bowl, mix together your cinnamon, sugar, salt, ginger and cloves. In a separate large bowl beat your eggs before pouring in your sugar spice mix and canned pumpkin
Step 2 - Pour your mixture into your pie base
Step 3 - Bake at 220 celcius for 15 minutes before reducing the temperature to 180 celcius and baking for a further 40 to 50 minutes at which point you should be able to put a skewer through the middle and have it come out clean!
Step 4 - cool on a wire rack for 1-2 hours, just so it doesn't fall apart when you cut it. I often like to sit admiring it and drooling Homer Simpson style as I wait... then slice, serve and face dive!

Your Welcome!!


Meet Lola! My Home Gym!

Handsome Gym, and Lola, two of my favorite places in the world.
I like to  go to Handsome Gym for the atmosphere, for the motivation, I see other people kicking ass and it inspires me to kick ass too. The place is like a second home to me. It also has air con... a real blessing through out the summer months! 
Then there's my home gym, 'Lola'. If I want to do a morning workout before I head to the office I have to get up at 4.30am - Handsome Gym doesn't open until 6.30am. If I want to have a lay in on the weekend and then work out mid morning the parking by Handsome Gym is a total pain in the jacksie. So on those occasions, I work out at home. I start off with a brisk walk/jog with Paris (my furbaby) to warm up and then I head out to my Lola, put on my favorite tunes and get to work. One of the other benefits of working out at home? DANCING! I can dance and sing until my hearts content without the glaring eyes of the dude to next to me thinking I'm a bit crazy... not realizing I'm actually a lot crazy. 


Gig Season: Fall Out boy!

Last Monday Melly & I ventured into Wembley to see a band we have been in love with for 10 years!! FALL OUT BOYYYY!!! Let me tell you, it was worth the damn wait!! Best gig I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! Andy Hurley - Amazeballs drummer solo, never seen anything like it. Pete Wentz - dreammmyyy! A great time was had by all!

Melly & Blondie

Avoiding the queues with a little face improvement shopping!

Fav Support act of the night - Professor Green - nailed it!

I was kinda hoping Pete would give me a little twerk,, wont lie

Fav Photo of the night!

Sweaty Pouts!


Gig Season! Set It Off!

Hey Hey Hey!!! 

So guess what, other than the office totting blonde, and the gym bunny blonde, there's alsoooo the wild child blonde!! You know, the type that loves to road trip into the city with one of her best girls, to stand in a massive queue on a freezing Friday night to spend the night doing the running man and other crazy moves to  a great punk pop band, with beer! I drink at gigs too! Such a rebel! Here's a couple of pics from our recent trip into Camden to see Set It Off. If you haven't heard of them and enjoy a bit of punk pop I recommend you get your butt on youtube or spotify right now! Set It Off were AMAZING live, great performance, great sound team, so much fun to watch. I predict these guys are going to be MASSIVE in years to come, so I'm stoked to have witnessed one of their earlier, more intimate shows. 

Annoying my OCD best friend by putting my feet on her dash ;0)

Melly & Blondie <3

Scary Pouts! Right before I spilt my beer all over the girl in front of me... oops..

Singing in the crowd!



Leg Day & Ab Circuits Workout

About a month ago I started training at DW Gym. The equipment is amazing in there, it's open plan with plenty of options no matter how busy it gets in there I can always train the area I'm focusing on that night. I thought the transfer was going to be easy, I knew my stuff, I knew what I was capable off right?DW Ayles attracts what I would describe as a huge clientele of advanced fitness enthusiast's/athletes, I am not an athlete... I am merely a small time girl who trains to stay healthy, toned and to feed an addiction. So, to help me find my feet and my confidence I took a complimentary personal training session from Tristan which then turned into a weekly event. Amazingly, as soon as I'm in a training session with Tristan I literally forget everything that's going on around us. He pushes me to do things I don't want to do, to train area's of my body I haven't got a lot of experience in training, I say 'I don't like it, or I don'ts wanna' and he responds with 'tough sh*t darling, you wanted abs, 6 more - go!' or things to that effect. If I'm not seen in the gym for 48 hours Tristan will text me a lecture... he emails me meal ideas, my workout progress, what he wants me working on in the gym on the day's he isn't training me, he keeps me in check. What's more is I feel more comfortable training on my own now, I'm slowly getting to recognize faces, people are getting used to seeing me there too so I don't get so many 'fresh blood, wonder how long she will stick it out for' stares and I'm learning new and improved ways of reaching new limits. 

Example work out for legs & abs:

5-10 minutes on the treadmill, just to warm your legs up & get your heart pace up, power walk/jog/sprint

Squats (on the squat rack - I'm not aloud to use the assisted racks, so I'm really working on holding my balance with the weight on my shoulders, it's challenging, I hate it, but I do it. 
20kg/ 12reps/ 2sets
30kg/ 12reps/ 2 sets
40kg/ 12reps/ 2sets

If you find this easy, try adding in a pulse or up the weight, or both! Rebel!

Walking Lunges;

6kg each arm/ 10reps/ 2sets
Repeat with added pulse
8kg each arm/ 10reps/ 2sets
Repeat with added pulse
12kg each arm/10 reps/2 sets
Repeat with added pulse

45° Leg Press (keep knees separated and bring knees back to chest, do not lock knee's - Now I've been training legs for a little while and it's taken me some time to get to the weight I'm at right now, technique is more important than weight so don't overload the weights if it sacrifices your ability to bring your legs into a 90 degree angle)

70kg/ 12reps/1set
90kg/ 12reps/ 1set
100kg/ 12reps/ 1set
120kg/ 10reps/ 1set
140kg/ 10reps/ 2sets

ABS (Complete this circuit twice) - 30 second drink break between set 1 & 2.

Leg Raise/ 12reps - straight into a Plank/ 30secs 
Russian Twist/ 30secs - Plank/ 30secs 
Side Bends/ 10kg/ 12reps each side - Plank 30secs
Crunches/ 20reps - plank 30secs
Exercise Ball Knees tuck/ 12reps - Plank 30secs

Finish with: 

Twisted Leg and Hip Raise on Decline Bench
8-12reps/ 2sets

Stretch out & cry into your favorite protein shake! (I really like Cherry Bakewell Whey Protein from The Protein Works!)


LiftCorp Apparel - Discount!!


Hope everyone's autumn training/healthy living is going well!
I've recently joined a new gym which I'm trying to find my feet in at the minute, I just felt like a bit of a change of scenery, some new equipment to play with. Just generally shake it up a little bit and set myself some new challenges. I've also invested in a new Person Trainer who is sufficiently kicking my backside into shape for the holiday season and I finished my first nutrition plan to help someone else kick start their clean eating lifestyle goals so I've been a busy woman!

In addition to the above, I've teamed up with independent Aussie Fitness Apparel designers LiftCorp to be able to offer my fellow gym bunnies and beasts 15% discount through out the entire website simply using code 'BlondeAmbition' at the check out! I especially love these Miss LiftCorp leggings.. have my eyes on their hoodie too.... So be sure to take a look at their gear which is designed to accentuate your figure in a flattering manner whilst adding the comfort and flexibility we all desire in our clothing whilst training.