Gig Season! Set It Off!

Hey Hey Hey!!! 

So guess what, other than the office totting blonde, and the gym bunny blonde, there's alsoooo the wild child blonde!! You know, the type that loves to road trip into the city with one of her best girls, to stand in a massive queue on a freezing Friday night to spend the night doing the running man and other crazy moves to  a great punk pop band, with beer! I drink at gigs too! Such a rebel! Here's a couple of pics from our recent trip into Camden to see Set It Off. If you haven't heard of them and enjoy a bit of punk pop I recommend you get your butt on youtube or spotify right now! Set It Off were AMAZING live, great performance, great sound team, so much fun to watch. I predict these guys are going to be MASSIVE in years to come, so I'm stoked to have witnessed one of their earlier, more intimate shows. 

Annoying my OCD best friend by putting my feet on her dash ;0)

Melly & Blondie <3

Scary Pouts! Right before I spilt my beer all over the girl in front of me... oops..

Singing in the crowd!


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