Gym bag essentials according to blonde

It can never be said that I travel lightly.... in fact I deem it necessary to load myself up like a donkey with the most amount of crap you can imagine - whatever the occasion. 
My gym bag is non the different, here are few of my 'essentials' : 

A towel, of course! I found the cutest pink towel on Amazon for like a tenner and it has a little zip compartment to store my locker key & lifting gloves in. So nifty! 
Weight lifting gloves, to keep my hands pretty and assist my grip. 
Polar Watch, I don't really use this so much these days since I'm trying not to lose any more weight I do less cardio (maybe 10 minutes a day as a warm up) and more weighted exercises... so the pain I'm in the 2 days after the session tells me how good my workout was. Saying that if your new to fitness, or if you have had a bad couple of weeks eating naughties and want to cut some weight these little beauts are great for monitoring your calorie intake against calories burnt and I highly recommend them. The Polar watch monitors your heart rate against your weight to give you a calorie burn reading. It's a good little egg on as well thinking 'well I'm not leaving here until I've done at least 500!'
Sony headphones - I tried on a pair of overhead beats once, I looked like a right wally. So these £10 sony plug ins work for me!
Nike iphone arm strap - I've tried a couple of different cheaper arm straps in the past and they have all broken or are too big for my chicken arms, the Nike ones are great though you can easily change the song on your iphone, I've had it 10 months and it hasn't worn out at all. 
2 x 2.5kg Ankle weights hiding somewhere down the bottom there, I use these on the treadmill,  stair master, to do donkey kicks, pretty much anything I want to add ''just a little bit' of weight resistance to. 
Resistance band... I'll be honest, I don't really use this... it's there just in case .. haha!
Anti-Perspirant - because no one wants to be a smelly sweaty blonde... 
Body Mist - I particularly like Victoria Secrets mists, a little fruity, soft & keep me feeling fresh through out the entire work out. 
The little black bag has random bits in, hair ties, a tangle teaser, hair grips. 
I always take a water bottle with some BCAA's and juice & a protein shake for after my work out also. 

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