Leg Day & Ab Circuits Workout

About a month ago I started training at DW Gym. The equipment is amazing in there, it's open plan with plenty of options no matter how busy it gets in there I can always train the area I'm focusing on that night. I thought the transfer was going to be easy, I knew my stuff, I knew what I was capable off right?DW Ayles attracts what I would describe as a huge clientele of advanced fitness enthusiast's/athletes, I am not an athlete... I am merely a small time girl who trains to stay healthy, toned and to feed an addiction. So, to help me find my feet and my confidence I took a complimentary personal training session from Tristan which then turned into a weekly event. Amazingly, as soon as I'm in a training session with Tristan I literally forget everything that's going on around us. He pushes me to do things I don't want to do, to train area's of my body I haven't got a lot of experience in training, I say 'I don't like it, or I don'ts wanna' and he responds with 'tough sh*t darling, you wanted abs, 6 more - go!' or things to that effect. If I'm not seen in the gym for 48 hours Tristan will text me a lecture... he emails me meal ideas, my workout progress, what he wants me working on in the gym on the day's he isn't training me, he keeps me in check. What's more is I feel more comfortable training on my own now, I'm slowly getting to recognize faces, people are getting used to seeing me there too so I don't get so many 'fresh blood, wonder how long she will stick it out for' stares and I'm learning new and improved ways of reaching new limits. 

Example work out for legs & abs:

5-10 minutes on the treadmill, just to warm your legs up & get your heart pace up, power walk/jog/sprint

Squats (on the squat rack - I'm not aloud to use the assisted racks, so I'm really working on holding my balance with the weight on my shoulders, it's challenging, I hate it, but I do it. 
20kg/ 12reps/ 2sets
30kg/ 12reps/ 2 sets
40kg/ 12reps/ 2sets

If you find this easy, try adding in a pulse or up the weight, or both! Rebel!

Walking Lunges;

6kg each arm/ 10reps/ 2sets
Repeat with added pulse
8kg each arm/ 10reps/ 2sets
Repeat with added pulse
12kg each arm/10 reps/2 sets
Repeat with added pulse

45° Leg Press (keep knees separated and bring knees back to chest, do not lock knee's - Now I've been training legs for a little while and it's taken me some time to get to the weight I'm at right now, technique is more important than weight so don't overload the weights if it sacrifices your ability to bring your legs into a 90 degree angle)

70kg/ 12reps/1set
90kg/ 12reps/ 1set
100kg/ 12reps/ 1set
120kg/ 10reps/ 1set
140kg/ 10reps/ 2sets

ABS (Complete this circuit twice) - 30 second drink break between set 1 & 2.

Leg Raise/ 12reps - straight into a Plank/ 30secs 
Russian Twist/ 30secs - Plank/ 30secs 
Side Bends/ 10kg/ 12reps each side - Plank 30secs
Crunches/ 20reps - plank 30secs
Exercise Ball Knees tuck/ 12reps - Plank 30secs

Finish with: 

Twisted Leg and Hip Raise on Decline Bench
8-12reps/ 2sets

Stretch out & cry into your favorite protein shake! (I really like Cherry Bakewell Whey Protein from The Protein Works!)

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