Meet Lola! My Home Gym!

Handsome Gym, and Lola, two of my favorite places in the world.
I like to  go to Handsome Gym for the atmosphere, for the motivation, I see other people kicking ass and it inspires me to kick ass too. The place is like a second home to me. It also has air con... a real blessing through out the summer months! 
Then there's my home gym, 'Lola'. If I want to do a morning workout before I head to the office I have to get up at 4.30am - Handsome Gym doesn't open until 6.30am. If I want to have a lay in on the weekend and then work out mid morning the parking by Handsome Gym is a total pain in the jacksie. So on those occasions, I work out at home. I start off with a brisk walk/jog with Paris (my furbaby) to warm up and then I head out to my Lola, put on my favorite tunes and get to work. One of the other benefits of working out at home? DANCING! I can dance and sing until my hearts content without the glaring eyes of the dude to next to me thinking I'm a bit crazy... not realizing I'm actually a lot crazy. 

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