Channelling your emotions - Paige Hathaway

"Have you ever been in pain?
Have you ever experienced heartbreak?
Have you ever been embarrassed, felt humiliated or been gossiped about?

I want you to use that feeling. Recycle that pain. Allow that pain to take you to the next level. Allow it to push you to greatness. Use your past hardship to propel you forward - past what you thought you couldn't achieve. When I think about quitting, I think about how I used to live life without a purpose. How I used to live each and everyday complacent just going thru the motions - Depressed and confused about life. Not happy with the person that looked back at me in the mirror. I was always a dreamer. I would always imagine myself doing something greater than what I was doing but I never did something about it.. Until one day I took that pain, that emptiness and I used it to my benefit. I used it to motive me. I used it as a tool to know that I never ever wanted to go back to where I started. I recycled that pain to make strong. To push me past what I thought was impossible. Pain is not something that can be discounted, and is an element that is present in all our lives but it's what you do with that pain that dictates your future."

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