HIIT Abs Workout - Anytime, anywhere!

I'm a firm believer that Abs are made in the kitchen, but perfected in training. Whilst for strong definitive abs/6 packs you'll need to do more weighted strength training, for those of you who just fancy burning a bit of the body fat covering your abdominal muscles to create a more toned/sculpted appearance, High Intensity Interval Training sessions like the following might just be the right thing for you! 
This routine can be done anywhere, no equipment is needed but you might want to invest in a yoga mat for comfort. 

Start off with a 4 minute cardio block to warm your body up:
  • ·         1 minute of slow butt kickers – stand with the knees close together, arms either down by the side or behind on top of your bum, flex your left knee and left leg behind you so it touches the glute and return that leg to the floor before switching leg, as many as you can fit into 1 minute.
  • ·         1 minute of lateral jumps – stand as if your about to do a squat, feet shoulder width apart and hands in front of your chest. Squat down by pushing your bum back and swing your arms downward and slightly to the right in the same movement then jump upward and to the left of your original position. You want to aim your jumps high but also 2-3 feet laterally. Landing on both feet immediately squat down with your arms to the left a bit and do the exact same man-oeuvre to the other side. As many as you can fit into a minute.
  • ·         A second minute of butt kickers but this time swinging your arms at the same time
  • ·         1 minute of Toe Touch Jacks – stand with your feet together and arms by your side. Bend your knees and squat down reaching your finger tops down to your feet (the goal is to touch your toes). Then quickly jump up and open both your arms and legs landing in a jumping jack position before jumping your feet back together and landing in a squat. As many as you can fit into a minute.

Now your muscles are warm we're going to three rounds of 20 seconds on, 20 seconds rest of the following exercises – do this cycle twice with a 2 minutes of ‘active rest’ in-between, either pacing back and forth or jumping jacks.

  • ·         Flutter Kicks – works your lower abs, start by lying flat on your back with your arms by your sides and palms down. Extend your legs fully with a slight bend in your knees, lift your heels around 6 inches from the floor and then make small, rapid up and down scissor like motions with your legs. Ensure your abs are constantly contracted throughout the full exercise.
  • ·         Bicycle crunches – this actually tones both your complete core and your thighs. Start by lying flat on the floor; press your lower back to into the ground. Place your hands slightly side of your head – don’t lock fingers or use your hands to pull your head up this will only strain your neck. Also keep your elbows back throughout this exercise rather than toward the chest so as not to strain the neck. Lift your knees to a 45 degree angle and start moving your pedaling your legs as if you were riding a bicycle whilst alternately touching your elbows to the opposite knee twisting back and forth through the core.
  • ·         High Knees – works full core, Stand straight with your feet hip width apart, looking straight ahead and arms by your side, jump from one foot to the other at the same time lifting your knees as high as possible (aim for hip height) arms following the motion. Kind of like a jog on the spot but pulling your knees up as high.
  • ·         Toe touch crunches – works upper core and oblique’s, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, hold your arms straight over your head and shoulders off the floor, bring your left leg toward your chest and touch your big toes with your right hand before alternating sides.
  •       Russian Twists – focuses on your oblique’s, Lie down on the floor placing your feet either under something or have someone hold them down. Your legs bent at the knees, elevate your upper body so it creates an Imaginary V-shape with your thighs, arms fully extended in front of you and hands closed together. Then twist your core to the right side until your arms are parallel with the floor, hold this position for a second before moving back to your start position and repeating the exercise to the opposite left side.

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