Blondies Chickadee & Sweet Potato Salad!

The following recipe is one of my favourite clean eats, it was a chuck together whatever's in the fridge one night and see what happens... Oh it worked. Looking for an excuse to use my new Flavor God seasoning my friend Simone & I went through drama's to get hold off (US customs, you kicked our Butt's!) tonight I figured I'd share my scrummy salad with you!
Ingredients to feed two:
2 handfuls of washed spinach
2 handfuls of washed rocket
0.5 small punnet of fresh baby plum tomatoes halved
0.5 green bell pepper sliced
0.5 yellow bell pepper sliced
1 sweet potato peeled & diced
0.5 butternut squash peeled & diced
400g chicken breast diced
200g cubed pancetta
1 tbsp. coconut or rapeseed oil
4 tbsp. seasoning of your choice, try and keep it low sodium. I used FlavorGods Season All.
How we do:
In a microwave  or a food steamer we're going to start by steaming your diced sweet potato and butternut squash for 10 minutes until tender but not soggy. While this is steaming prep your salad bowls with a layer of spinach, rocket, peppers & tomatoes. Slice your chicken and melt the coconut oil over a gentle heat in a large frying pan. Once your root veggies are steamed set them aside to settle for a minute or two. Add your sliced chicken and pancetta cubes to your melted coconut oil and coat with the seasoning of your choice. Light fry these for around 10 minutes stirring often.
On a griddle pan brown your steamed root veggies with a little pink salt and pepper for 5 minutes and add to your salad before then adding your cooked chicken and pancetta ~et voila! Your done!
Extras... Olives, sundried tomatoes, corn, steamed asparagus, spring onions, beets...


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