My New Best Friend Maqui!

It's been a crazy couple of week's, area's of my personal life have taken a few unexpected twists and turns.... this isn't a dear diary moment so I wont bore you with the details however it's safe to say I've been here, there and everywhere emotionally lately.
Throw in a few wild nights of partying with friends & enjoying a few too many naughty treats and here we are.. on the road to recovery and detoxing, the body and soul. 

I have a new detox best friend... her name is Maqui.. she's dinky, purple and originates from the south of Chile. She's considered one of the strongest antioxidants and is prized for her long enhancing and anti aging powers! I love her already...

Maqui berries can give up to 300% more Anthocyanin's & nearly 150% Polyphenol's (you know, the power antioxidants that give red wine that good rep for it's immune boosting power's) than wine or any other fruit and vegetable known to man! 
These high levels give the berry its super healing power providing the body with the antioxidants it needs to free us of the damaging free radicals that weaken our skin cells and internal organs causing premature aging & diseases.
I mean who doesn't want to stay young forever?
These little gems can only be found in Southern Chile and a small section of Argentina, because of the harsh heated environment the berry is forced to produce and store these Phytochemical's to ensure it's own survival. These higher nutrient levels then passed through humans are able to deliver a diverse array of health benefits. As well as looking after your internal organs and cells they are known to reduce inflammatory responses decreasing pain allowing you increased flexibility and mobility (great for those of us into our fitness & also for those suffering with arthritis). 
So there you have it, my secret weapon to feeling young and vibrant even when times are destined to make me feel otherwise. Lady Maqui. 

Now, obviously... I didn't travel to Chile & soak up the sun whilst getting a hit of these beaut's.. luckily my friend Daniel over at Simply Supplement's recommended their high strength 2000mg Maqui Berry tabs to me when I asked for a little health boost earlier this month. Better yet they are 50% off at the moment at £8.99 for 180 tablets & just 3 a day will keep those wrinkles at bay! It's not what you know, its who you know! Thanks Dan!

Link below, highly recommended, I feel much better in all area's of my life when I take control by taking that little bit extra care of my health. 


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