Naughty Halloumi & Sausage Bake

I'm all about the bakes this week! I secretly wish I was baking in the Cyprus heat right now... Ok it's no secret, I always wish for that. So I can't get to Cyprus right now, but I can bring a little bit of Cypriot delishiousness to me! & You!
Ingredients to feed two:
6 x Good quality sausages, I personally really like Tesco's Finest spicy chipolata sausages but any good quality bangers will do the trick!
1 x Block of Halloumi, this beautiful Cypriot cheese is my absolute favourite, for this recipe I usually stick with the standard or lighter version if I'm trying to be good. I have all the spice I need in the Chipolata's but if you pick basic sausages you could always spice your meal up by selecting the sweet chilli halloumi! It's gooooood!!
0.5 Jarred roasted red peppers (drained) readily available in most good supermarkets these sweet soft peppers are a great addition to any salad should you choose not to scoff the entire jar (accident's happen) in this one meal.
1 tbsp. Garlic infused olive oil... I know I say you shouldn't cook with olive oil in high heats, but for this meal there just is no replacement that tastes as good. Once in a while wont kill you.
How we do:
Heat your oven to 200c, set out a roasting tray. Spread the sausages & red peppers along the bottom of the baking tray before scattering sliced Halloumi across the top &  drizzling the garlic olive oil across the top of that!
Bake for 20 minutes et voila, dinner is done!
I serve mine on a bed of rocket and cherry tomatoes!

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