Simple Pecan bites!

Toward's Christmas we host a series of office events to raise money for a selected charity, from terrible tombola's to fancy auction's and bake offs.  This year we are donating the proceeds to The British Heart Foundation. A cause close to our own hearts.
With little time on my hands but wanting to contribute some form of sweet treat I spent 15 minutes in the kitchen last Sunday and threw these together. Now they don't win any beauty competitions, but they did go down pretty well in regards to flavor. So I deem the recipe worth sharing, the combo caramel, chocolate with the sea salt, it just worked. It's not all about appearance.. thankfully..

On a grease paper lined baking tray spread out half a bag of sea salted Pretzels and layer with Nestle Rolo's, bake at 180 degree's for 4 minutes, remove from the oven and push some Pecans on top before refrigerating for 10 minutes to set. 

~ Soooo Simple, not pretty, but tasty!

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