Fitness Friday - Paige Hathaway

I wanted you guys to read this but not only read it, let these words sink in...
Is there something or someone holding you back? Are the voices around you telling you that can’t achieve something? To achieve greatness, It is necessary to get the energy drainers out of your life. Believe me when I tell you, NO ONE is your discourager but YOU. Many people may tell you that you can't do something but you're the only person who can determine that.
These voices around you, do they make you second guess yourself? Do they make you think you can't do it? Well think again because YOU CAN, so keep working, don’t let up, keep working, don’t quit!! Temporary failure is ok but permanent failure is not an option. We fail to teach ourselves to get back up. We fail to train ourselves to never give up, even when faced with failure we must get up and try again. We fail to weed out the non-committed. The non-committed aren't meant for this journey.

If you want to be great... not good, if you want to be really great, the very best at what you do.. Obsession is a necessity. Once you have that magnificent obsession, once you question the impossible, only then can you achieve greatness. Greatness lies deep within all of us. A special unique greatness is waiting to be found within you. It's patiently waiting to be unleashed. Nothing is impossible! You've heard the stories of your idols.. Well, they are no different than you. They started with a dream and they didn't give up! LET THAT MOTIVATE YOU!!!! You are capable of more than you were ever told. More than you ever thought possible. LIGHT THAT FIRE! This world is full of dreams. YOU CAN LIVE THAT DREAM! 
Allow your new mind set to be-Tell me I can’t do it and I will prove you wrong. I CAN'T will make me more determined to reach my goal. Tell me I can’t one more time.. I dare you.


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