The Blonde Behind The Blog

I’m the kind of girl not many people get close to, the kind of girl who believes a smile is her best accessory even when times are hard or confusing. Transparency will never be my style.
I believe life is what you make it, and if YOU decide you don’t like the direction your personally heading in that YOU have the power to change it.
I believe change is good, yet at times ridiculously petrifying.
I believe in love, loyalty and friendship.
I believe people are put in your life for a reason - some to bring out the best in you, some the worst.
I call the people who bring the worst out in you ‘Lessons’. Don’t be afraid to give people a chance in fear of the lesson though, without making mistakes you have no room to grow.
I can be the ‘Girl Power, I don’t need a man’ type & I can be the hopeless romantic who looks for the soul through someone’s eyes.
I can eat like a supermodel & I can eat like an unsupervised child in Krispy Kreme (don’t ever leave me alone at a buffet).
Some days I kick ass in the gym, Some days I spend more time looking for a song to get me in the mood than I do actually working out.
I am not perfect. I know my flaws, my fears, my insecurities. I battle every single day to come up on top. To be a better person than I was yesterday, some days I’ll come up trumps n some days I’ll flop.
That’s life. Pretty beautiful though isn’t it?

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