The Truth About Salt & Sodium

They say abs are made in the kitchen, but one of the things that's often not mentioned is that 80% of the seasonings you use to spice up those foods are packed with sodium. Whilst a diet containing 1500-2300mg of sodium is beneficial to your health, any more than that and it starts becoming harmful to your body. Sodium is naturally attracted to water so consuming too much salt/sodium will cause your body to retain fluids (covering up those lovely abs your feeding)
Not only can fluid retention be physically uncomfortable it can be really dangerous to your long term health. Swelling of your hands, ankles and feet, stiff joints and rapid weight fluctuations. Chronic fluid retention can occur with heart failure, lung disease, kidney disease & arthritis so add a high sodium diet to the mix with any of these conditions and your asking for trouble!
I love Jamie Oliver he's one of my favourite chefs of all time along side Nigella Lawson, but, have you seen Jamie's famous 'Pinch of sea salt' ? Sorry but unless your the big friendly giant, that is NOT a pinch. With many gourmet and television chefs favouring sea salt for it's crunchy texture and stronger flavour and Manufacturers claiming that it is 'healthier' than your regular table salt due to it being slightly less processed and containing some of its natural minerals such as magnesium - Sea Salt has recently become a house hold favourite for many trying to live healthier lives
Unfortunately if it's those abs your after there is very little difference in the sodium content between Sea Salt and Table Salt.
The good news is...... there are alternative healthier seasoning choices available to spruce up your meal your prep with plenty of flavour!
The first is Himalayan Pink Salt:
A lot of manufacturers are now creating 'low salt' & 'low sodium' versions of seasonings, sauces, Bisto for example now do a low salt gravy, to me it tastes exactly the same! Then there are a couple of niche health food manufacturers that have created completely sodium free seasonings such as Flavorgod ~ if your on Instagram following your favourite athletes you will have seen them heavily marketing Flavorgod. Yes it's how I got bought into it.. but it's actually really good sprinkled on your meals, does liven up a bland dish nicely. Pizza seasoning (so good on sweet potato fries) Garlic Lovers, Everything spicy! I think I have most of the savoury range... I really want to try their sweet sugar free seasonings next.. pumpkin spice hmmmnnnn,.. okay I'm blabbing on now. May also be getting very hungry writing this.
Long story short, take the time to shop around, look at the ingredients closely, avoid pre made processed foods where you can and choose Himalayan salt over the table salt.

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