Thursday TakeOver ~ Challenge Chaloner ~ Fruitarian?

Hello!! My names Alex & I’m a 26 year old female from Oxfordshire, I love all things health related and I am a huge foodie, spending the majority of my spare time in the kitchen cooking for myself and Leigh or friends and family when I get the chance!

I had always struggled with my weight growing up, and never quite understood why. I eat well, I’m not fussy, I’ll try anything and I exercise! Everything your supposed to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle! It was only after nearly a decade of trips to the GP for what was thought to be Coeliac, thyroid, IBS ALL SORTS… Finally in the last couple of years  I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic Ovary Syndrome) I started to understand that I would always struggle (due to the very nature of the syndrome) but that the struggle could improve the more healthy I was. I needed to persevere, stay positive and more importantly; to educate myself!

I have recently passed my Level 2 Qualification in Health and Nutrition. I now understand the science and facts behind Health and Nutrition and why it is so vital to our wellbeing, and the effect of a poor diet and lifestyle on our mind and bodies. It has given me am explosion of knowledge and a new lease in life, and I wish to pass on any knowledge to others so they can understand to and stop worrying about the things that really aren’t important (TV and Media) and focus on ’you’.

1 of the interesting things I learnt on the course, was about the nutrients your body needs to carry out its daily functions, and how Vegetarians have to be careful with what they eat to ensure they are in fact getting all of the nutrients they need.
I Learnt that there were ain fact 9 different Vegetarian diets; each stating that you can sustain a healthy balanced diet… There are many different reasons for choosing a Vegetarian diet;  this could be down to religion, cultural, moral or even due to allergies and intolerances. These are:

1.    Vegetarian – No Meat, Fish, shellfish, eggs or dairy (any animal products)
2.    Pescetarian – No fish, Shellfish, eggs or dairy
3.    Demi-Vegetarian – Will eat meat but choose to avoid where possible through belief of environmental impact of meat consumption
4.    Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian – The most common in the western world, no meat, fish, shellfish but will eat eggs and dairy
5.    Lacto-Vegetarian – Vegetarian but will eat Dairy (no eggs) Eastern religions
6.    Ovo-Veggie – Vegetarian, no dairy but will eat eggs as long as they are free-range and un-caged
7.    Fruitarian – Only eat plant foods that are harvested without killing the host plant and raw…
8.    Vegan – ALL Animal related products are avoided, this includes leather etc…
9.    Raw Vegan – Same as vegetarian and Vegan, but all raw

I decided that I would put these to the test. My point was to try to achieve a ‘healthy balanced diet’ whilst following the rules of each type of diet… I started with Fruitarian… and WOW what a restrictive diet it is… you can only eat certain types of fruit; oily, citrus, fatty, starchy, fleshy fruits and some veg; Tomato, Cucumber and Courgette, along with some types of fruit and nuts… all raw… and this is supposed to be able to give you a healthy, balanced diet. I was naturally puzzled as this contradicts everything I have learnt! But as always I thought you can’t knock it until you try it! I consulted my GP who gave me the thumbs up as long as I took myself off it if I started to feel out of sorts; I would take no supplements & continue to exercise as usual.
I love fruit and I love nuts so I had no problem with consuming them! I did however get very bored very quickly with the sheer amount you had to consume to ensure I was getting enough energy to carry out day to day tasks… as was my bank balance! I was tired, irritable and weak. I attempted exercise but had to stop as I was exhausted and didn’t want to hurt myself without knowing how to recover (id usually have a high-protein post-workout snack or dinner) I looked into the protein content of different fruit and nuts and tried to consume more of these, which would be really helpful if I could consume 26 Guavas per day…. 8 Cantaloupes… or over 250grams of almonds… not going to happen I’m afraid! I missed hot food and was craving Brown Rice and Veg… not even meat! Just anything hot and substantial. I didn’t go hungry… but for the monumental amount of natural sugars I lacked in any energy whatsoever…
After 6 days I took myself off the diet when I noticed (Apologies for the content!!! Ha-ha) that my ‘stools’ were almost chalky in colour, this is not normal obviously, and when looking into it further I learnt that this could be a sign of liver damage… so I stopped immediately.

It was interesting to say the least but in my honest opinion, and my opinion only… NO you cannot sustain a healthy balanced diet without the use of supplements and whilst maintaining exercise on a Fruitarian diet… Next week; Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian! I think this one will be sustainable!... well hopefully…

See my blog for updates on how these diets work :0)

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