Ruby Moon - Ethical Designer Gym to Swim Launch!!

The first fitness bra to take you from ‘Gym To Swim’.

British swimwear and fitness brand RubyMoon announced today that it is raising funds via a reward crowd funding campaign to launch the development of their revolutionary high tech sports bra. Beginning the campaign on March 19th 2016, the brand sets out to raise finance on Indiegogo to produce the first production of their latest product with the hope of transforming the sustainable fashion market and as a result, the lives of women worldwide.

RubyMoon uses a tech fabric with high tensile strength that retains shape for longer and is marketed under the tagline ‘From Gym To Swim’ since the sportswear can be worn both in the pool and for exercise. The inventive garments being launched by RubyMoon are certified 5 times more durable than similar products. With innovative construction and Xtra Life Lycra it is proven to be chlorine and suntan cream resistant for more than 100 hours of exposure. With a four way stretch, no under-wire, a wide under band and racer back – the multi-sports bra has been designed for comfort to prevent any rubbing or pinching during exercise. The tech fabric is moisture wicking and its anti-odour quality keeps the wearer fresher for longer. RubyMoon’s garments are certified by The Princes Accounting for Sustainability Project to produce 42% less carbon emissions. This is because, unlike others, the brand doesn’t use petroleum to make the nylon - they use waste fibre from ‘ghost’ fishing nets that are a source of pollution to sea-life. Furthermore, RubyMoon ensures that all their products are manufactured in an ethical and transparent European supply chain. From start to finish, it is an ethical journey from sketch to sale. The crowdfunding campaign provides an opportunity to pre-purchase an exceptional product ahead of the crowd.

What is more, 100% of RubyMoon’s net profits are lent out as small loans to empower women entrepreneurs in eleven developing nations. So far the brand has provided financial assistance to 163 women through it’s partnership with charity lendwithcare.org, and more details of their stories can be found on the RubyMoon website.  

Micro finance provides small loans to the women, enabling them to start their own businesses, consequently lifting women and their families out of extreme poverty. Once the loan is repaid, it is reinvested back into RubyMoon products, or re-lent to other women, allowing sales to correlate directly with social impact. Founder Jo Godden explains that women are the ‘change agents of the family’ and thus is primarily her motivation behind the brand. She quotes, “Women spend a larger amount of their income on improvements in the health, nutrition and education of the whole family but particularly children.”

As a nice touch, the fitness wear pieces are named after the women that RubyMoon invests in- and the multi-spots bra is named Zarina after an inspiring entrepreneur from Pakistan who founded a successful yarn recycling business though RubyMoon’s micro-loans. 

“Please help Ruby Moon change both the fitness and swimwear market and the lives of women worldwide as we set a total support target of improving the lives of 36k women by 2025.”

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