Chilling The Stress Levels ~ Blonde's 101

This time last year I was buzzing around New York shopping at 100 miles an hour. Everything you do in New York is at 100 miles an hour, it’s the city that never sleeps, the whole time I was there, I never slept. By the time I had landed back in London, I was sick with the flu and a chest infection. It took me 2 weeks to fully recover from my ‘Vacation’.

I’m a 5ft3, 122lb blonde. I work Monday to Friday 9am until 5.30pm in a job which 90% of the time is non-stop from the minute I arrive in the office to the minute I leave. I travel an hour to two hours each way depending on traffic, in my lunch break I eat, organize finances, run grocery hauls, respond to personal emails, and work on this blog. In the mornings and evenings I have your standard house chores, food prep and then I train 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. On top of all of that, I have relationships to maintain, friends, family to see.
There are 3 situations you do not want to meet me in; if I’m hungry, exhausted or they don’t have my shoe size in the sales.
When I write ‘life’s gone and got all crazy on me’ I’m not exaggerating. So to avoid getting sick, I’ve taught myself to slow down, take personal time and to be mindful in how manage my time in an organised manner so as to get the most out of my days without getting too stressed and run down.

Here are my top tips to a more relaxed busy life:

Planning your workout schedule;
One week I will train in the mornings before I head to the office.  So I’ll be up and in the shower by 5am, outside the gym waiting to get my sweat on by 6. Train, freshen up and head to the office for 9. Then it’s done, out of the way, allowing me to spend the evening at home or with friends relaxing.
The next week, I will train in the evenings, allowing myself an extra hour snuggling my duvet in the morning!
Training cycles; 
I split my workouts to focus on certain area groups and I try to leave rest breaks between each muscle group so my body has chance to recoup, the muscles can grow and I don’t over exhaust myself. I mix it up a lot, but the Current split looks similar to:
Monday – Glutes, Hamstrings & Quads. Tuesday – Abs and Back. Wednesday – Arms & Shoulders. Thursday – Cardio & Abs. Friday – Shoulders & Arms/Back. Saturday – Glutes & Calves. Sunday – Rest
Be Food prep savvy; 
I want to write an entire piece on food prepping on a budget, freezing foods and so on, but I found this article that I want to share for beginners on food prep, because I live by these rules. Tammy Kresge, writer of ‘Organise yourself skinny’ is the Queen of living the healthy life the easy efficient way.  In fact her work inspires my day to day life in many ways. Check this article out here Organise YourSelf Skinny - Meal Preps
Pamper, Relax & Sleep:
This is the hardest bit of all… taking personal time.
Set yourself one evening a week to take a deep hot bubble bath soak and really pamper your mind and body.

·         Scent the mood: I am LOVING the Aroma Organics Essential Oil Diffuser, the smell of their signature oil is the most addictive and soothing in my opinion, it just takes you into another world it really does, plus how beautiful is this diffuser?! It looks just fabulous anywhere in your home.

Check these guys out Organic Aroma's (they have a spring sale on at the minute.. sssh!)
·         Music:  get a little melody going on in the background with your favorite Spotify playlists, I particularly like relaxing to Adele (unless I’m feeling emotional).
·         Drink: If I need to chill, there is nothing more warming to my soul than a cup of Camomile and honey tea.
·         Sweet Talk: if you live with a friend or loved one, use that majestic charm & convince them to massage those hard worked muscles. Check out this Spa Fit Toning oil from The Body Shop - getting massaged and more toned looking skin at the same time? Yes please!


Blonde vs Bulking

I’ve been rattling my brain about how to write this for a few weeks now. I guess I’m not good at writing about things I’m not happy about, that I feel I have failed. Then again I believe we need failures in our lives to learn and progress… this is a bit of a long post compared to my usual, I thought before I go into my bulking experience, if your new to reading my blog I’ll give you the full down low on my journey so far.

January 2014 – after no longer being able to fit in my size 12 jeans I made the usual New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would stick to it. I’m straight on the old Instagram, followed a huge bunch of inspirational women, body builders, fitness models, clean eating goddess’. After 5 months I’ve lost half a stone through dieting, hit a plateau before finding the confidence to drag my wobbly butt to the gym, spent endless hours doing thy cardio. After 12 months, I’ve lost 2 stone, and my bum.

January 2015 – I’m down to a size 8 and I’ve mastered the clean eating and what to eat to maintain this weight.  I’m almost obsessed with remaining this weight … I stuck to my 5 nights of cardio a week, treadmill, crosstrainer, whatever it takes to stay slim.

May 2015 – I’m feeling pretty good about life, the new skinnier me, I start Blonde Ambitionz to share my current progress and keep me motivated at the same time.

September 2015 – It’s time for a change! I trial DW Fitness one Saturday morning and it’s love at first sight. The next Saturday I signed up for good and haven’t looked back. This gym is different to the last, I’m surrounded by bodybuilders and women in incredible shape. I watch from the treadmill as I see these women lifting, their muscles flexing under the lights and I’m amazed by the shape of their booty’s… New inspiration. I want that booty! I want my booty back! So I hire a personal trainer to show me the ropes & so operation booty begins.  Gradually over the next few months I start to see progress, I start understanding what I’m doing what moves are going to work on what area and I start getting more confident… but only confident enough to weight train in the big boys section on my own when the gym was empty.

January 2016 – after 6 months of following each other, collaborating on our blogs I finally meet up to train with Victoria. For those who don’t know V, she’s this incredible ball of fearless, infectious energy. First thing she does is carelessly waltz across to big boys section and to the squat racks. Entirely unfazed by the fact it was surrounded with muscle dudes. I followed her lead..  After practising my squats with the bar on my back, we moved onto the smithy machine and started working on our leg press. So I’m led on the floor, legs in the air pushing this weighted bar and the bar keeps turning and the clips are trying to rehook to the side so V has to stand over me to ‘spot’ the bar and stop the clashing of the clips. Randomly as the bar comes down, V starts squatting in synchronisation, crotch right in my face. That was it. Our bonding moment. I had literally never laughed so much in the gym in all my life.
Victoria and I train a couple of Saturday’s a month at DW the remaining of the week she trains at a gym local to where she works and I train mostly alone. But that’s all I needed, to properly get over the fear, was to take some of her infectious ‘I don’t give a **** what anyone thinks, I’m as good a lifter as any of you guys attitude’.

Feb 2016 – unless I’m warming up, cardio is a thing of the past.  I’m starting to get stronger, the booty is starting to take shape but it’s not ‘growing’ at the rate I want it to. So I figure it’s time to revisit the diet. I’m training 6 days a week, I need to be eating more. So I started my first ‘Bulk’. Thinking it was going to be simple, I upped my calories with an additional 500 a day, mainly adding more carbs to begin with. At first my body literally just rejected everything additional I ate, it was so used to me surviving on a set amount of calories a day it was like ‘Umm what is this? No thanks love!’ it took a good 3 weeks before it started getting used to all of the extra foods. I started noticing I had more energy and could lift heavier with more ease. I started to see my curves coming back.
Then… I screwed it. I was in the middle of a house move and I didn’t make the time to food prep properly, yet at this point my body is used to allll the foods, so I’m hungry all the time. So I end up picking fast, convenient and processed foods, my cheat meals go from one a week to one a day and bam I was up 10lbs of unhealthy weight in 2 months. I had my bum back, but the abs were hiding under burgers, donuts, pizza. My skin was awful, I felt heavy around my hips, I had zero energy. I had buggered the bulk.

Current situation; I’ve bailed on the bulk. For now. I’m working on shredding some of the unhealthy body fat I’ve gained, to do this I’ve lowered my calorie intake back to my ‘maintain’ amount, cut down my carbs and upped my proteins. I’ve incorporated a little more cardio into my workouts, so I still do my 10 minutes of cardio warm ups before weights but I’ll also do one session a week of just cardio, 40 minutes on the treadmill and a further 20 rowing. The decrease in cals + the extra cardio calorie burn and I should see that body fat drop.
My mental challenges at the moment:    
1) To stop caring what the scales say in regards to weight, I’m only supposed to be monitoring the body fat. I’m still playing with weights; I don’t want to lose my muscle mass so what the scales say in regards to how many lbs I am should be irrelevant to me. Sometimes, despite knowing this, and understanding how it works, my mind reverts back to being this chubby girl obsessed with the scales. I’m not that chubby girl, I’m not overweight, so I need to train my mind out of thinking like that.
2)   I’m still always hungry. & I ALWAYS want to reach for the sugar treats and greasy burgers. Then I give into those cravings and feel awful afterwards when my skin comes out in spots from excessive eating of bad crap. I’m learning how to beat my fast food cravings and replace them – I’m actually going to do a separate blog post on that because I think it’s really interesting how your mind deceives you into thinking your craving one thing, when your body is craving another.

So there you have it. Progress, challenges, fails, and new challenges. It’s all part of this never ending journey of learning, adapting and moving. I love it though, the good, the bad, the ugly I still love it. In a few months, I will do the bulk again, only this time I’ll make sure it’s at a point I’m totally settled in my personal life so I can take the time mentally to prepare, do my research and next time, I won’t fail. Until then..... xo

Victoria & I 


Davide Alfonsi Takeover Part 3; Resetting Your Self Image

I know that feeling. Looking in the mirror and feeling repulsed by your own reflection. Unsatisfied and hopeless. Hating yourself.

In my young years I experienced it a lot. The initial phase of change is always the hardest. It's like jumping in the void without knowing if you're going to land safely.

But hope, consistently and perseverance are qualities that I had to build up. I have transformed that hopelessness feeling first into challenge then into passion…and slowly I changed the image in the mirror that I mostly hated into something I felt I could be proud of.

Like me, many people didn't give up on their physical transformation and therefore conquering the struggles of a most needed mental transformation.

You can do it to. You just need to work on your SELF IMAGE, together with your body.

Maxwell Maltz

Maxwell was a plastic surgeon and more than 50 years ago wrote a book called “psycho cybernetics”. He saw that more often than not, his patients didn't get any improvement on their level of happiness from the plastic surgery. They couldn't find satisfaction in the new look and found rapidly some other “imperfections” that had to be fixed. Making modelling their faces and bodies a real obsession.

Maxwell wasn't satisfied and started studying his patients closely. He found out that no matter how perfect his surgery was most patients couldn't see in the mirror what they were looking for. They changed their features but they didn't change the MENTAL IMAGE they had of themselves.

That's why he started doing preliminary psychiatrist sessions with his patients. He asked to do a 30 minutes visualization exercise for 21 days before they could undertake surgery. If at the end of the 21 days they still wanted to do the surgery then he would perform it.

What he found is that most people could actually get rid of their obsessions simply by doing that simple exercise. Over the course of 21 days they trained the brain to see different things in the mirror. The illusion of being imperfect faded and they started to like themselves more and more.

Obese people started losing weight simply because they started to believe, and therefore behave, as if they were slimmer already.

I know this can sound odd but I have recently had a chat with my friend Greg. He's a successful entrepreneur with a lovely family. He has a trainer and a nutritionist but he told me he just couldn't get rid of his belly. “I have always been fat and I'll always will be” he said. That's when the story of Maxwell Maltz came back to my mind. Greg had a fat self-image and therefore he was subconsciously sabotaging himself.

Do not sabotage yourself

This may sound weird but most people think themselves as fat. As long as you have a clear image of you being fat and keep telling yourself you will always stay fat, the chances of changing are very little.

The mind is a powerful tool. No matter how ambitious your fitness goals are or high your motivation may be, if you think yourself as fat sooner than later you will act accordingly.

I have made the mistake of giving strict diets to overweight clients and they always had a backlash. After two or three days of compliance they ended up binging like never before, lying to me about it and creating excuses such as their metabolism being the problem.  

Only after I've learned to set mini goals and advised them to eat only foods they enjoy I was able to deliver great results. Starting from a purely mental approach I slowly introduced little dietary restrictions. Week after week I could replace a little treat with a healthy alternative. The more they could see the scale dropping and their pants getting loser the more they believed they could be slim sooner than later their self-image switched from “I'm a fat bastard” to “I'm transforming”


1)    Be easy on yourself. Acknowledge that it will take time to change and, if you do it gradually even this journey can be enjoyable.
2)    Forgive yourself if you eat a bit too much. Be ok with it. Don't say to yourself “this is me I always screw up everything”. It was just a treat, now you can go back on track and it won't affect you too much. Is ok to be human at times.
3)    Close your eyes and visualise yourself wearing tight clothing and looking great. Imagine colours, shapes, sounds. The more vivid the visualization the better are the chances you will work harder to achieve it
4)    Dream big but plan small. If you want to become a fitness model there's nothing wrong about it but remember to plan mini steps so easy to accomplish that may even feel stupid. You can start with going to the gym once this week. That's little and easy right. Then next week you can commit to not having sweets on Monday. The week after you will go two times to the gym and avoid sweets for three days. And so on.

5)    Learn patience. Lao Tzu in the book of the Dao said “a journey of a 1000s miles begins with one single step”. Little things are what really make a difference in the long run. Make sure you get that right and try to enjoy the rest. Who knows maybe you will become the next number one fitness model. 


5 Tips To Cut Thy Cellulite!

Whether the scales are slipping towards the high side, or lowering towards the too slim side, even your the perfect weight and have muscles to kill for - Cellulite can be a cause of insecurities to many of us and are a result of a variety of reasons such as.. 

The speed of your metabolism
Sleep deprivation
Excess caffeine and dehydration
Poor circulation
Nutrient deficiency, diets containing high processed foods, foods high in fat & crash dieting 
Genes... Sorry ladies, maybe you did get it from your mama! 
General hormone changes

So what is cellulite? It's literally just deposits of body fat that are compressed with your connective tissues causing an orange peel type appearance. It's completely normal in fact more than 95% of women suffer or have at some point suffered with cellulite and it reflects absolutely nothing in regards to your general health. 
But I know, from personal experience that cellulite is one of the number one reasons we ladies choose to hide away our lovely bodies in the summer months. So from me to you, here are my top 5 tips to cut cellulite out of your life or for the very least, reduce the appearance:

1) Sleeeep! I know it's really hard when we run busy schedules, trust me, this is on my personal goals list but try to aim for 7-8 hours undisturbed beauty sleep each night. Your booty will thank you for it! 
2) Cut the caffeine & Hydrate! Us Brits, especially us British office tots are renown for drinking just a little toooo much tea and coffee at our desks. Whilst it keeps us comforted and alert as we ferociously type away, it's also dehydrating our bodies at a rapid rate. Opt for Green tea and drink a bottle of water between each warm drink to re-hydrate your body and speed up your metabolism at the same time! 
3) Get Physical, Physical! Take that lunch time walk to the shop instead of driving, ensure you incorporate some cardio into your evening workouts. Do what it takes to get that blood flowing and improve your circulation. Whether your in the gym, in the park or at home there are tonns of exercises that can also help to tone those problem areas. My favorite? On cardio or light weight training days to get that inner and outer thigh toned as well as that bottom bit of the booty, I like to do 4 sets of 12 standard donkey kicks and straight leg raises using 2.5kg weighted straps on each leg for additional resistance. Minimal rest between each set & trust me, you'll feel the burn.
4)Dry Brushing! The Lymph a fluid in your circulatory system contains white blood cells that pick up all your bacteria and toxins from our blood and filters them through to your lymph node where the bacteria is destroyed. When your circulation is poor you aren't allowing your lymph to do its job properly, so adding just a few minutes of dry brushing with a natural bristle brush into your daily routine can significantly improve your Circulation/ Lymph flow. It will also help to unclog your pores and rid you of any toxins trapped in the skin! Win Win!
5) Kick the Fad Diets! Seriously girls, show those crash, starve your body for a week diets the door. Right now. Do it! To get the best out of your body, you need to fuel it. Constantly. After depriving your body of it's essential requirements, the first fat containing something that passes your lips is going straight for those hips. & It will want to stay there. Your body will want to hold on to every little bit of fatty goodness in the fear that your going to starve it again.... ola cellulite.


Part 3 - What Motivates You? By Davide Alfonsi

During my career I have been carefully observing many people transforming their bodies and subsequently improving their personal life.
Whether was getting a promotion, starting their own business, getting married or gaining more confidence towards the opposite sex, fitness truly helped them to change their lives.
Many of them had incredible results under my guidance but few others weren’t improving as fast or were going through a rollercoaster of ups and downs.
That got me incredibly frustrated and led me to ponder the reason behind it. I gave them the best workout and a great diet plan, monitored progress and kept them accountable via texts and emails but it was simply not enough.
I was missing something, I didn’t find the real reason behind them hiring me as a coach.
Let me tell you a story.
Mary had a tough job in a very influential consulting firm. She was hardworking, dedicated and ambitious. But career was simply not enough for her, she wanted to feel sexy and look great both in her formal outfit and in her favourite night dress.
When we started working together she was overweight and almost ashamed of her body.
I gave her my best advice on nutrition and started a training program.
She quickly lost a stone, felt good and more energetic. I was very happy about her progress and I tried to push harder on her but all of a sudden I couldn’t see the same progress I was expecting.
She started missing sessions, snacking at work and drinking more than usual. I took pictures, measurements, told her to block time for training and showed her studies on how to control the cravings…but all those tricks simply didn’t work.
Only than I decided to sit with her and had a chat about what was going on.
She divorced few years ago and since then she didn’t want to date any man and focused all her life on work. Deep down when she was telling her story I knew that I had finally found what she was looking for: the confidence to meet new men and get on with her life.
That was her real motivation behind hiring me as a trainer.
Soon after I kept checking on her, giving her advice on the men she had around and making her laugh telling my past failures with women. She slowly started dating again and I made sure that at every session I was filming her to make her feel sexy and strong.
In almost no time she was back on healthy diet, training regime and less frustrated. I allowed her more drinks since she was actually having many dates and I made sure she burned them off in the gym.
Today Mary is more focused at work, feels more attractive, confident and finally found in health and fitness a way to improve every aspect of her life. We are still working together and enjoy occasional jokes about romance and sex between sets.
If you want to achieve incredible results in whatever you are passionate about is crucial that you firstly find what is the deepest reason behind the goals you set.
When I was 17 my reason to train was to feel confident with girls and possibly get laid. At 22 I wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. At 24 I just wanted to be ripped for my Go Go dance and fitness modelling jobs. Today I want to be a role model for my client and look amazing to market my business.
You can clearly see the shift I have been through. But since this is just me and every single person is motivated by different things is your duty to think that through.
Maybe you are single and you want to get more attention and more dates. Maybe you want to look as good as few years ago. Maybe you have a special occasion and you want to fit a new tight dress or look amazing in a bikini. Or maybe you want to look healthy and be a role model for your family and friends.
Whatever your motivation is make sure you keep reminding yourself what are you fighting for. Getting in shape can be tough, I know that. You will face cravings, stress, laziness and muscle pain. You will have friends trying to sabotage you and inviting you for drinks every day.
The only way to stick to the plan is to have a clear vision in mind of yourself


Clean Eats 101 ~ Home Made Granola

I go through Fazes of craving really sweet carb loaded snacks, my latest being Greek Yogurt with Honey and Granola... I know what you're thinking 'well that sound's healthy enough, it's better than your usual hankering for Donuts' 
X Yep, I thought that too... until I actually took the time to read the contents of my beloved G. Firstly, 45g the 'suggested serving' is not enough for me, not when I get a movie munch on, I need at least 100g (I'm a booty growing lady okay!!) so for 100g of shop bought Granola we're roughly looking at; 450g cals, 16g of fats and a whopping 26g of sugar - that's half of the sugar content I incorporate into my daily diet in one meal!!
Soooo unable to fend of my cravings (story of my life) I did what I always do... I had a go at making my own and making it healthy (er) ! Let me tell you, Shop bought granola - is now a thing of the past my friends!

350g of standard rolled oats (I really like Mornflake superfast oats, super high in fibre & helps to lower cholesterol)
200g trail mix (the one I always use comes from The Grape Tree Health Food Store , contains Sunflower seeds, Soya Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Raisins, Dried Cranberries and Flaked Coconut - nomnomnommm)
0.5 cup of Coconut Oil or I use Rice Bran Oil because it's rich in Vitamin E, again aids in lowering cholesterol and because of it's super high smoke point the flavor of your food is never impacted by the heat you cook it at. So I always have a bottle of this in my kitchen.
0.5 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
0.5 cup of maple syrup or honey -  I used MyProteins Sugar Free Butterscotch Syrup

Method of my madness:
Preheat the oven to 200 degree's celcius and grease proof paper line a large baking tray. 
In a large mixing bowl combine your oats, cinnamon, oil, syrup and and vanilla until every oat is coated. 
Pour your granola mix onto the baking pan and spread it out evenly before baking for 15 minutes, then add your trail mix, give a good stir and bake for a further 15 minutes.
Once cooked allow the granola to cool and then store in an airtight container. 
* Optional bits and bobs -  try adding in almonds, pecans or even dark chocolate chips (once the granola has fully cooled)
*Can be frozen for up to 3 months



The art of knowing to take rational decisions based on how things really are is called mindfulness. As I mentioned in my last blog post, practicing mindfulness really helped me along my career to get rid of addictions, self destructive thought and toxic friendships. I would like to introduce you to this whole new world by telling you a little story in rhymes.

The cookie thief
A woman was waiting at an airport one night. With several long hours before her flight
She hunted for a book in the airport shop. Bought a bag of cookies and found a place to drop
She was engrossed in her book but happened to see. That the man beside her as bold as could be
Grabbed a cookie or two from the bag between. Which she tried to ignore to avoid a scene
She munched cookies and watched the clock. As this gutsy cookie thief diminished her stock
She was getting more irritated as the minutes ticked by. Thinking "If I wasn't so nice I'd blacken his eye"
With each cookie she took he took one too. And when only one was left she wondered what he'd do
With a smile on his face and a nervous laugh. He took the last cookie and broke it in half
He offered her half as he ate the other. She snatched it from him and thought "Oh brother
This guy has some nerve and he's also rude. Why he didn't even show any gratitude"
She had never known when she had been so galled. And sighed with relief when her flight was called
She gathered her belongings and headed for the gate. Refusing to look back at the thieving ingrate
She boarded the plane and sank in her seat. Then sought her book which was almost complete
As she reached in her baggage she gasped with surprise. There was her bag of cookies in front of her eyes
"If mine are here" she moaned with despair. "Then the others were his and he tried to share"
"Too late to apologize she realized with grief". That she was the rude one, the ingrate, the thief.  

As the lady in this story, we are often not paying enough attention to what is happening around us. When our mind wanders  is easy to fall prey of misconception and take decisions based on fiction rather than reality. We often tell ourselves stories to justify our behaviors and we hold back when we need to face a scary challenge. Mindfulness is the art of seeing things as they are first. Clear our mind and make rational decisions. Is also the art of knowing ourselves and train our brain.

As any art, it has to be mastered through repetition, attention and consistency. There are thousands of benefits you will gain by paying attention to your thoughts and man...I could write an entire book about my personal experience. 

How does this relate to fitness? 
Trust me, I know how hard can be to change our old bad habits and get into the appropriate routine to reach our fitness goals. What people often do not realize is that most of the decisions we take daily are made in auto pilot. Habits are deeply written into our subconscious mind and we might end up repeating actions like binging, procrastination or time wasting without even realizing so. I have found in my personal experience as well as while training clients, that cultivating awareness combined with consistency is the key to reach any fitness goal. 

In the weeks to come I want to leave you with the most simple and effective tools to start learning about your mind and apply straight away in your daily life. I will first tackle the three main aspects of mindset that most relate to fitness. I want to leave you with three practical tools that you can start using right now to make your journey into fitness easier, more fun and more rewarding. I’m talking about motivation, self image and emotional appetite.

If you’re intrigued, follow this weekly series and if you have any question do not hesitate to contact me through my website www.ki-force.com


Bloggerversary!! 1 Year of Blonde Ambitionz!

My my my how time flies when your having fun! Today marks the anniversary of my first Blonde Ambitionz post and what a crazy year it's been!

I've never been one for change but in the space of year there's been a hella lot of it! I walked away from a chapter of my life and started to write the pages of a very different looking future. It wasn't easiest of decisions to make, diving out of your comfort zone into new depths never is, but it is, nearly always, 100% the right decision for everyone involved. 
As one door closes, a million opportunities open and so as I imagine each chapter of my future my mind explodes with excitement, idea's, happiness, a love for the life I'm creating and the people that surround me as I do so. That doesn't mean to say I don't hit teething stages, I don't miss parts of the old life, hell I've come across emotions and faced fears that I didn't even know resided in me! If I thought I was open minded before, I can safely say I've reached whole other levels...
Some things remain the same..
My love of fitness, late nights in the gym, my want to do better, be better, to sleep with that comforting feeling of a successful day. The pride behind Blonde Ambitionz and everything that it stands for and my burning desire to help people in any way I can to find their love of life, health and happiness.

I really want to thank so many people for making running this blog and my Instagram so enjoyable over the past 12 months. To all of the companies that have given me such amazing opportunities to collaborate, to my guest bloggers sharing their words of wisdom on my page, To every reader, every follower, for every message of support and uplifting messages of kindness when someone follows your story to the point that without you saying anything they can sense when things 'aren't quite right' - honestly I Thank you so so much, you really have no idea how grateful I am for for your support. Your a huge part of the inspiration behind Blonde Ambitionz!

With that said, I CANNOT wait to see what the next 12 months of Blonde Ambitionz has in store! I'm working on a couple of pieces at the moment, trialing a new fat burning method I've been taught .. is it going to work or am I going to be rolling into Bodypower expo next week? I'll let you know!

Okay rambling blog of love and appreciation closing up - THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH LOVE!
Have a beautiful weekend!! 

Blonde xo 


The Importance Of Mindset For Fitness By Davide Alfonsi


We often make a distinction between the mind (brain) and the body, thinking of them as two

separate units. The truth is that the brain is just an organ but the mind really is the whole body.

In eastern mentality the Ki or Qi is believed to be an energy that permeates everything and

flows naturally through our mind. Ancient practices like yoga teach to train the body as an

instrument to improve both our physical and mental abilities. In the past century great figures

like Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Napoleon Hill talk about health and fitness as a tool to

achieve greatness and purpose. Today we see successful people like Richard Branson claiming

that the secret of their success is working out every morning. Tony Robbins calls his exercise

routine “the hour of power”. Last but not least we can see more and more CEOs practicing

meditation and finding time in their crazy busy schedule to train and take care of their health.

I believe there is great power at the intersection of fitness and mindfulness.

Fitness has always been a part of my life. I grew up in Italy in a countryside town. By the age of

six I was already obese. I got bullied and suffered severe depression. I had social issues, food

issues and I would often lock myself in my room crying and thinking life was a nightmare. At the

age of sixteen I finally decided to change my life and I stepped my first foot into the gym. I was

really intimidated but the pain of always being the one people would make fun of was stronger

than the fear of being around people. In one summer I lost more than five stones. I was

spending my days training and learning about the human body. The more I was able to shape

my body the more my hunger for knowledge was growing inside me. Most of my friends were

astonished by my transformation. They were queueing to train with me and kept on asking me

questions about nutrition or exercise. By the age of 22 I finished my studies and had built an

incredible body. I decided to move to London looking for new adventures.

Living in London was like a dream.

In less than a month I was working as stripper, fitness model and dancer in a celebrity night

club. I soon got to live a rock’n’roll lifestyle that I believed possible only in movies. I would be

partying with celebrities, get invited to exclusive villas in ibiza or going absolutely crazy at a

fetish club. I started using every sort of drug to keep up with my constant need for attention and

validation. I was living between the highs of “the good life” and the lows of feeling lonely and

sad. In those crazy times, training has always been my only escape from self destructive

thoughts. In the gym I was present, powerful, focused. But once out, I would go back on the bad

habits, slowly destroying my mind and my body.

If you play with fire, sooner or later, you get burnt.

One night the inevitable happened. It was the end of a party and I found myself fainting. A

massive amount of blood started leaking from a wound deep down in my intestine. I remember

waking up completely naked in a bathtub filled with the redness of my own blood. It was like a

Crimson Lake. I got carried to the hospital where the doctors had to cut my belly in two and

remove the inflamed part that was causing the bleeding. I was laying down in that hospital bed

and something clicked inside my head. It was over. I felt an extreme need to dedicate my life to

something meaningful. As soon as I recovered I quit all my night jobs and isolated myself from

all my friends. Nobody saw me or heard from me. After the surgery I got left with no muscles

and a little belly but instead of hating myself, this time I decided to challenge myself. In a few

months I achieved the most amazing body Transformation and I felt rebirth.

But fitness by itself wasn’t enough

My mind was a vortex of thoughts and emotions. It was impossible for me to control my mental

state and I was experiencing mood swings on a daily basis. Than I discovered mindfulness and

started meditating. I’ve learned how to control my thoughts and manage my emotional state. I

consumed tons of books on personal development and started to gain the necessary confidence

to step up in life. Soon after I started my career in fitness with the wish of helping people to

achieve the same mental and physical transformation I have been through.

I was rebirth like a phoenix.

I was so passionate and driven that in no time I became the N1 trainer in my gym. I had the

privilege to work with UK top 500 celebrities, international public speakers, movie directors and

many other successful entrepreneurs. My passion for fitness and meditation led me to create

my company. I called it Ki-force like the spiritual energy that permeates every living being. I

have been mentored by top expert in the field like Neil Hill (UK best bodybuilding coach), Rehan

Jalali (Hollywood trainer that worked with Ben Affleck, Stallone and many others) and Pete

Cohen (ITV presenter and life coach). I ultimately had the luck of meeting kind and mindful

people that made my new life more balanced and joyful.

If you’re intrigued, follow this weekly series and if you have any question do not hesitate

to contact me through my website www.ki-force.com