5 Tips To Cut Thy Cellulite!

Whether the scales are slipping towards the high side, or lowering towards the too slim side, even your the perfect weight and have muscles to kill for - Cellulite can be a cause of insecurities to many of us and are a result of a variety of reasons such as.. 

The speed of your metabolism
Sleep deprivation
Excess caffeine and dehydration
Poor circulation
Nutrient deficiency, diets containing high processed foods, foods high in fat & crash dieting 
Genes... Sorry ladies, maybe you did get it from your mama! 
General hormone changes

So what is cellulite? It's literally just deposits of body fat that are compressed with your connective tissues causing an orange peel type appearance. It's completely normal in fact more than 95% of women suffer or have at some point suffered with cellulite and it reflects absolutely nothing in regards to your general health. 
But I know, from personal experience that cellulite is one of the number one reasons we ladies choose to hide away our lovely bodies in the summer months. So from me to you, here are my top 5 tips to cut cellulite out of your life or for the very least, reduce the appearance:

1) Sleeeep! I know it's really hard when we run busy schedules, trust me, this is on my personal goals list but try to aim for 7-8 hours undisturbed beauty sleep each night. Your booty will thank you for it! 
2) Cut the caffeine & Hydrate! Us Brits, especially us British office tots are renown for drinking just a little toooo much tea and coffee at our desks. Whilst it keeps us comforted and alert as we ferociously type away, it's also dehydrating our bodies at a rapid rate. Opt for Green tea and drink a bottle of water between each warm drink to re-hydrate your body and speed up your metabolism at the same time! 
3) Get Physical, Physical! Take that lunch time walk to the shop instead of driving, ensure you incorporate some cardio into your evening workouts. Do what it takes to get that blood flowing and improve your circulation. Whether your in the gym, in the park or at home there are tonns of exercises that can also help to tone those problem areas. My favorite? On cardio or light weight training days to get that inner and outer thigh toned as well as that bottom bit of the booty, I like to do 4 sets of 12 standard donkey kicks and straight leg raises using 2.5kg weighted straps on each leg for additional resistance. Minimal rest between each set & trust me, you'll feel the burn.
4)Dry Brushing! The Lymph a fluid in your circulatory system contains white blood cells that pick up all your bacteria and toxins from our blood and filters them through to your lymph node where the bacteria is destroyed. When your circulation is poor you aren't allowing your lymph to do its job properly, so adding just a few minutes of dry brushing with a natural bristle brush into your daily routine can significantly improve your Circulation/ Lymph flow. It will also help to unclog your pores and rid you of any toxins trapped in the skin! Win Win!
5) Kick the Fad Diets! Seriously girls, show those crash, starve your body for a week diets the door. Right now. Do it! To get the best out of your body, you need to fuel it. Constantly. After depriving your body of it's essential requirements, the first fat containing something that passes your lips is going straight for those hips. & It will want to stay there. Your body will want to hold on to every little bit of fatty goodness in the fear that your going to starve it again.... ola cellulite.

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