Bloggerversary!! 1 Year of Blonde Ambitionz!

My my my how time flies when your having fun! Today marks the anniversary of my first Blonde Ambitionz post and what a crazy year it's been!

I've never been one for change but in the space of year there's been a hella lot of it! I walked away from a chapter of my life and started to write the pages of a very different looking future. It wasn't easiest of decisions to make, diving out of your comfort zone into new depths never is, but it is, nearly always, 100% the right decision for everyone involved. 
As one door closes, a million opportunities open and so as I imagine each chapter of my future my mind explodes with excitement, idea's, happiness, a love for the life I'm creating and the people that surround me as I do so. That doesn't mean to say I don't hit teething stages, I don't miss parts of the old life, hell I've come across emotions and faced fears that I didn't even know resided in me! If I thought I was open minded before, I can safely say I've reached whole other levels...
Some things remain the same..
My love of fitness, late nights in the gym, my want to do better, be better, to sleep with that comforting feeling of a successful day. The pride behind Blonde Ambitionz and everything that it stands for and my burning desire to help people in any way I can to find their love of life, health and happiness.

I really want to thank so many people for making running this blog and my Instagram so enjoyable over the past 12 months. To all of the companies that have given me such amazing opportunities to collaborate, to my guest bloggers sharing their words of wisdom on my page, To every reader, every follower, for every message of support and uplifting messages of kindness when someone follows your story to the point that without you saying anything they can sense when things 'aren't quite right' - honestly I Thank you so so much, you really have no idea how grateful I am for for your support. Your a huge part of the inspiration behind Blonde Ambitionz!

With that said, I CANNOT wait to see what the next 12 months of Blonde Ambitionz has in store! I'm working on a couple of pieces at the moment, trialing a new fat burning method I've been taught .. is it going to work or am I going to be rolling into Bodypower expo next week? I'll let you know!

Okay rambling blog of love and appreciation closing up - THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH LOVE!
Have a beautiful weekend!! 

Blonde xo 

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