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This time last year I was buzzing around New York shopping at 100 miles an hour. Everything you do in New York is at 100 miles an hour, it’s the city that never sleeps, the whole time I was there, I never slept. By the time I had landed back in London, I was sick with the flu and a chest infection. It took me 2 weeks to fully recover from my ‘Vacation’.

I’m a 5ft3, 122lb blonde. I work Monday to Friday 9am until 5.30pm in a job which 90% of the time is non-stop from the minute I arrive in the office to the minute I leave. I travel an hour to two hours each way depending on traffic, in my lunch break I eat, organize finances, run grocery hauls, respond to personal emails, and work on this blog. In the mornings and evenings I have your standard house chores, food prep and then I train 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. On top of all of that, I have relationships to maintain, friends, family to see.
There are 3 situations you do not want to meet me in; if I’m hungry, exhausted or they don’t have my shoe size in the sales.
When I write ‘life’s gone and got all crazy on me’ I’m not exaggerating. So to avoid getting sick, I’ve taught myself to slow down, take personal time and to be mindful in how manage my time in an organised manner so as to get the most out of my days without getting too stressed and run down.

Here are my top tips to a more relaxed busy life:

Planning your workout schedule;
One week I will train in the mornings before I head to the office.  So I’ll be up and in the shower by 5am, outside the gym waiting to get my sweat on by 6. Train, freshen up and head to the office for 9. Then it’s done, out of the way, allowing me to spend the evening at home or with friends relaxing.
The next week, I will train in the evenings, allowing myself an extra hour snuggling my duvet in the morning!
Training cycles; 
I split my workouts to focus on certain area groups and I try to leave rest breaks between each muscle group so my body has chance to recoup, the muscles can grow and I don’t over exhaust myself. I mix it up a lot, but the Current split looks similar to:
Monday – Glutes, Hamstrings & Quads. Tuesday – Abs and Back. Wednesday – Arms & Shoulders. Thursday – Cardio & Abs. Friday – Shoulders & Arms/Back. Saturday – Glutes & Calves. Sunday – Rest
Be Food prep savvy; 
I want to write an entire piece on food prepping on a budget, freezing foods and so on, but I found this article that I want to share for beginners on food prep, because I live by these rules. Tammy Kresge, writer of ‘Organise yourself skinny’ is the Queen of living the healthy life the easy efficient way.  In fact her work inspires my day to day life in many ways. Check this article out here Organise YourSelf Skinny - Meal Preps
Pamper, Relax & Sleep:
This is the hardest bit of all… taking personal time.
Set yourself one evening a week to take a deep hot bubble bath soak and really pamper your mind and body.

·         Scent the mood: I am LOVING the Aroma Organics Essential Oil Diffuser, the smell of their signature oil is the most addictive and soothing in my opinion, it just takes you into another world it really does, plus how beautiful is this diffuser?! It looks just fabulous anywhere in your home.

Check these guys out Organic Aroma's (they have a spring sale on at the minute.. sssh!)
·         Music:  get a little melody going on in the background with your favorite Spotify playlists, I particularly like relaxing to Adele (unless I’m feeling emotional).
·         Drink: If I need to chill, there is nothing more warming to my soul than a cup of Camomile and honey tea.
·         Sweet Talk: if you live with a friend or loved one, use that majestic charm & convince them to massage those hard worked muscles. Check out this Spa Fit Toning oil from The Body Shop - getting massaged and more toned looking skin at the same time? Yes please!

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