Part 3 - What Motivates You? By Davide Alfonsi

During my career I have been carefully observing many people transforming their bodies and subsequently improving their personal life.
Whether was getting a promotion, starting their own business, getting married or gaining more confidence towards the opposite sex, fitness truly helped them to change their lives.
Many of them had incredible results under my guidance but few others weren’t improving as fast or were going through a rollercoaster of ups and downs.
That got me incredibly frustrated and led me to ponder the reason behind it. I gave them the best workout and a great diet plan, monitored progress and kept them accountable via texts and emails but it was simply not enough.
I was missing something, I didn’t find the real reason behind them hiring me as a coach.
Let me tell you a story.
Mary had a tough job in a very influential consulting firm. She was hardworking, dedicated and ambitious. But career was simply not enough for her, she wanted to feel sexy and look great both in her formal outfit and in her favourite night dress.
When we started working together she was overweight and almost ashamed of her body.
I gave her my best advice on nutrition and started a training program.
She quickly lost a stone, felt good and more energetic. I was very happy about her progress and I tried to push harder on her but all of a sudden I couldn’t see the same progress I was expecting.
She started missing sessions, snacking at work and drinking more than usual. I took pictures, measurements, told her to block time for training and showed her studies on how to control the cravings…but all those tricks simply didn’t work.
Only than I decided to sit with her and had a chat about what was going on.
She divorced few years ago and since then she didn’t want to date any man and focused all her life on work. Deep down when she was telling her story I knew that I had finally found what she was looking for: the confidence to meet new men and get on with her life.
That was her real motivation behind hiring me as a trainer.
Soon after I kept checking on her, giving her advice on the men she had around and making her laugh telling my past failures with women. She slowly started dating again and I made sure that at every session I was filming her to make her feel sexy and strong.
In almost no time she was back on healthy diet, training regime and less frustrated. I allowed her more drinks since she was actually having many dates and I made sure she burned them off in the gym.
Today Mary is more focused at work, feels more attractive, confident and finally found in health and fitness a way to improve every aspect of her life. We are still working together and enjoy occasional jokes about romance and sex between sets.
If you want to achieve incredible results in whatever you are passionate about is crucial that you firstly find what is the deepest reason behind the goals you set.
When I was 17 my reason to train was to feel confident with girls and possibly get laid. At 22 I wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. At 24 I just wanted to be ripped for my Go Go dance and fitness modelling jobs. Today I want to be a role model for my client and look amazing to market my business.
You can clearly see the shift I have been through. But since this is just me and every single person is motivated by different things is your duty to think that through.
Maybe you are single and you want to get more attention and more dates. Maybe you want to look as good as few years ago. Maybe you have a special occasion and you want to fit a new tight dress or look amazing in a bikini. Or maybe you want to look healthy and be a role model for your family and friends.
Whatever your motivation is make sure you keep reminding yourself what are you fighting for. Getting in shape can be tough, I know that. You will face cravings, stress, laziness and muscle pain. You will have friends trying to sabotage you and inviting you for drinks every day.
The only way to stick to the plan is to have a clear vision in mind of yourself

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