Blonde 101 - Current Favorite Blogs

As much as I love sharing my thoughts and opinions I really LOVE reading the thoughts of others. You never know everything and it’s a great tool to learn, gather ideas and get motivation.

So listed are my top 5 blogs that I really enjoy to follow:

http://allthegear.uk/ - Yes Victoria is one of my best friends, but this is a no way biased opinion, I learn something new from V everyday and you can learn so much from this inspiring chick too!

http://thelodown.com/ - Remember the MTV series the OC Laguna Beach and The Hills? Well Lo Bosworth was the reserved best friend of Lauren, she’s gone on to work in the party supply industry, has an amazing eye for interior design and is a culinary whiz, of the healthy kind!

http://www.ourbodybook.com/ - The Body Book by Cameron Diaz is one of my favourite reads, its jam packed full of information about the human body and how to bring out the best in it. For our body book, Cameron teamed up with Doctors, lifestyle gurus and culinary experts to continue fuelling our knowledge.

http://ladyandthefiend.blogspot.co.uk/  Relationships, beauty, career advice, there’s very little Chloe doesn’t cover in her bright and fresh web space, you’ll lose yourself for hours taking her words of advice.

http://www.careergirldaily.com/ - This is an online blogger magazine FULL of tips for life improvements. These guys won the bloglovin awards in 2015 and deservedly so!


Blondes 101 ~ Eating Motivation

I know it, you know it - Falling off the wagon is just far too easy. So many times I’ve woken up on a Monday morning with a cheat fest hangover from the weekend before and been DETERMINED! To eat clean for the entire week and then somehow, magically, out of nowhere by Wednesday noon I’ve face dived into one of the chocolate gooey birthday cakes one of my colleagues has brought in to the office (most inconvenient tradition ever if I do say so myself..)

So to help me fight the office cake munchies, I’ve taken to decorating my desk with little notes of motivation. Whatever works right? & it does.
Here are my personal top 10 – Kick that sweet tooth to the curb go-to quotes:

“Do something today, that your future self will thank you for”

“Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now”

“Suck it up now, so you don’t have to suck it in later”

“Do not reward yourself with food. You’re not a dog”

“Your body is a reflection of what you are. If you want to look healthy, you will have to BE healthy”

“You’re not hungry, you’re bored. Learn the difference”

“Make your body the sexiest outfit you own”

“365 days, 365 opportunities”

“You don’t get what you wish for darling, you get what you work for”

“I can, I will. End of story”

Get your diet back on track today:

START NOW by recommitting today.
DRINK Water like it's your job.
PLAN each meal.
EAT don't make up for overeating by NOT eating.
REVISIT your food journal and repeat a good week.
REMIND yourself how far you've come.
MOVE and get your sweat on.
DON'T let a bad week turn into a bad month.
VEGETABLES are your friends. 
Repeat all of the above tomorrow.


Davide Alfonsi Takeover P5 - Emotional Eating!

We have all been there. We had a crappy day, feel tired and demotivated or sad and lonely. One second we were trying our best to stay compliant to the diet and the second after something dark and evil took over, the emotional monster takes control and we turn in a beast able to devour everything we have around us. Cookies, bread, cheese, chocolate, ice cream and even the breakfast cereals. We cannot stop the monster until we feel bloated and barely able to walk to the bed. Straight after a horrible sense of guilt and disgust permeates our mind and we feel very very sorry for ourselves. That's called binge eating or Emotional Appetite.

Appetite & The Brain

There are two types of appetite: hunger and emotional appetite.
Hunger is physiological and is triggered by hormones such as leptin. Is a signal our body sends to the brain to ask for “fuel”.
Emotional appetite has nothing to do with a real need for energy. It's simply our own way to suppress certain emotions we dislike and keep ourselves entertained with something we love: good tasting food.

The part of the brain responsible for emotional appetite is called Lymbic System or Monkey brain.
The Monkey brain helps you see the world as a set of problems and games to play with and explore while you ride the emotional highs and lows that they make you feel. The Monkey brain loves to experience peak emotional states like anger, happiness, sadness, frustration, boredom, excitement and so on. A monkey has to keep himself entertained in the end.
The Monkey has the concept of time but it also believes that the only resources he can access are the ones he has been taught previously. It is not wired to discover and create, it rather keeps you entertained with activities that you can repeat while in auto pilot. And definitely is not designed to keep you accountable to your long term goals.
Emotional Triggers
There are three main emotions that trigger the monkey brain and lead to self-destructive or addictive behaviors like emotional eating.
1)    Boredom: endless queues, boring meetings, a not so funny date and so on. When we don't feel particularly engaged is easy to fall into the food trap to make the time pass quickly. How many of you had demolished a big bag of almonds (that's supposed to be your healthy snack right?) while waiting for something? Not to talk about the cookie jar during your last work meeting. It's probably empty by now.
2)    Tiredness: we do need to keep fuelling our body to sustain our daily activities. That's a given. Even so I often see people skipping meals and ending up eating crap simply because they felt tired and obviously their body was asking for food. When you stay too long without food your blood sugar will drop and guess what you will crave? Sweets and carbs.
3)    Stress: whenever we want a desired outcome to turn into reality but we have no control over it we feel stressed. The lack of control makes us doubt and we release stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. To stop that feeling is easy to reach for any food since the act itself of chewing gives us something else to focus on. The same goes for cigarettes.
4)    Sadness: in this case something unpleasant just happened or we simply dug up a painful memory. Once again the emotional state we dislike can lead to abusing comfort foods to keep ourselves entertained.
1)    Eating out of boredom can be avoided by always having chewing gums with you, drinking water or just having an anti-stress ball in your hands. Best of all would be trying to focus and engage in whatever you are doing while making reality a little game to entertain your brain. I personally like to count the number of objects I see around me in groups of four. Any mental game would work as long as you like to play it rather than snacking.
2)    Tiredness is easy to fix. Make sure you eat regularly and avoid high GI foods like sugars, juices, milk. Eat lean proteins, fats and complex carbs and you should feel nicely fed throughout the day. Also taking a power nap if you find an empty room can recharge you.
3)    Stress is a bad beast. If this is something you experience a lot you should probably look into mindfulness and try meditation. Working out is also a great way to distress since releases endorphins and also keeps you focused on the task. If stress is particularly work related you should try to find mini solutions that make your day better without awakening the binging monster.
4)    Sadness is a state of mind, the best thing to do here to interrupt the mental pattern is actually to do something absolutely unfamiliar. Some people jump ten times, other go walk the dog. I personally like diet coke… I know it's not the healthiest choice but makes me happy and I feel guilt free.
For further information about how to manage your mental state I suggest you to look into NLP or watch the one and only Tony Robbins on YouTube.
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Remember when the Blonde was almost defeated? Didn't last long did it!



How would you like to win..

  • A room in a detached farmhouse in Glastonbury, Somerset, set in 100 acres of beautiful countryside.
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  • I know right? Well the Art of Healthy Living gave me a heads up on how you can get your hands on all of the above!

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    Blonde LOVES New Treats Nutrition App!

    We all know that what we eat has a big impact on our health and well-being - and we’ve all let our healthy eating principles slip when tempted by a delicious slice of cake or when we are socially required to raise a glass of wine.

    For people living with an inflammatory disease, this is even more important, as too many unhealthy lifestyle choices may contribute to flare-ups and discomfort. For example, a recent study of people living with psoriasis showed that their diet tended to be high in carbohydrates; this is associated with the clinical severity of their disease and their cardio-metabolic risk, which is related to diabetes and heart disease.  

    The new app TREAT aims to do something about this and help people suffering from inflammatory illnesses take control of their diet through specialised nutrition advice and on-going support.

    Connects with a Certified Nutritionist

    Recognising the central role of nutrition in the management of illnesses such as acne and IBS, TREAT offers customised, on-going advice from certified nutritionists, which help users follow an anti-inflammatory diet that aims to help them fight one of the root causes of their illness.

    Focusing on behavioural changes, the nutritionists assess eating habits, answer queries, and develop a customised 8-week plan to help the individual optimise their diet.

    “We know that a lot of people have a fairly good idea of what eating healthily means, but that adopting and sticking to healthy habits can be very difficult”, says Catalina Cernica, Head of the Innovation Lab UK, where TREAT is launched.

    With Treat nutritional advice and support is just a chat message away.
    "We have put a great emphasis on making TREAT fun and easy to become part of people’s daily routines. You can log your meals easily with a simple picture and get step-by-step advice on how to improve your diet. The app uses elements of ‘gamification’, enabling users to upload photos of their meals to be scored by the nutritionist. It also gives daily and weekly challenges to tackle. At the same time, TREAT will help track progress and stay motivated by celebrating success over the programme course”.

    TREAT is now available on App Store

    More details can be found at http://treatapp.io
    About LEO Innovation Lab

    TREAT is developed by LEO Innovation Lab, a new innovation lab launched by the dermatology focused pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma.

    LEO Innovation Lab applies start-up principles to create non-pharmaceutical solutions that help people with psoriasis. The initiative is funded with £45 Million for three years with no profit requirements and has satellites in UK, France, Canada and Denmark.


    Blonde Loves! Villains Ltd!

    “You know, the blonde one, trains about 6.30, nearly always walks in wearing the Pitbull hoody”
    I KNOW HER!!

    I’m one of those shoppers that kind of has about a million items of clothing in her wardrobe but wears none of them.. I keep saying I’m just going to donate the lot and start again.. just haven’t got around to it. But when I fall in love with a brand.... there are just some things that I will never part with. 

    From New York to London, I bring you Villains Ltd! Think vibrant 90’s to early 00’s punk, their designs are edgy, comfortable, affordable and you kinda just feel instantly badass wearing them! Well I do..

    From snap backs to T' shirts Larry and Corey have designed much to choose from BUT My favvvvourite pieces are.. 

    Just some of the designs.. :0)