Blonde 101 - Current Favorite Blogs

As much as I love sharing my thoughts and opinions I really LOVE reading the thoughts of others. You never know everything and it’s a great tool to learn, gather ideas and get motivation.

So listed are my top 5 blogs that I really enjoy to follow:

http://allthegear.uk/ - Yes Victoria is one of my best friends, but this is a no way biased opinion, I learn something new from V everyday and you can learn so much from this inspiring chick too!

http://thelodown.com/ - Remember the MTV series the OC Laguna Beach and The Hills? Well Lo Bosworth was the reserved best friend of Lauren, she’s gone on to work in the party supply industry, has an amazing eye for interior design and is a culinary whiz, of the healthy kind!

http://www.ourbodybook.com/ - The Body Book by Cameron Diaz is one of my favourite reads, its jam packed full of information about the human body and how to bring out the best in it. For our body book, Cameron teamed up with Doctors, lifestyle gurus and culinary experts to continue fuelling our knowledge.

http://ladyandthefiend.blogspot.co.uk/  Relationships, beauty, career advice, there’s very little Chloe doesn’t cover in her bright and fresh web space, you’ll lose yourself for hours taking her words of advice.

http://www.careergirldaily.com/ - This is an online blogger magazine FULL of tips for life improvements. These guys won the bloglovin awards in 2015 and deservedly so!

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