What If? Paige Hathaway

Do you feel like you're missing something?
...that your life was meant for more and your greatest potential hasn't been reached yet? Do you have bigger dreams, goals and aspirations for yourself? Do you envision something else with your life? 
I always hear people talk about the things they want to achieve, but the question is, how bad do YOU truly want it? This dream you dream of is right under your finger tips, so what's stopping you from starting? What's holding you back from achieving you're wildest desires? Maybe you feel although your goals are "stupid" or maybe you wouldn’t be able to achieve these dream you dream of... But then again wouldn't you rather fail on the pursuant instead of not pursuing them at all. 
To know that you've tried your best and followed your heart. No matter the outcome - promise yourself to have no regrets. Take what you've just read in this very moment and let those thoughts fill your mind. 
"What if" it doesn't workout.. 
Ahhh but "what If" it does?


Motivation Monday - My Struggle

I’ve been down as low as a human can go.
You didn’t see my struggle?
You didn’t see how low I sunk?
You didn’t see the pain?
The despair
The defeats
The failures
Well… I’m sorry…

You didn’t see those things because I decided to fight back.
I decided one day was going to be my day
One day I would be somebody
One day my struggle would be my greatest story
I said to myself I will use this
I will use this to grow
I will use this to be better
I will use this to be great

I said to myself, that one day this will mean something much bigger
My struggle was real
My struggle was my training partner pushing me harder
Pushing me to my limits
Asking me 


And i answered…
I have plenty enough
Character. Desire. Determination & Heart


And i COMMIT this very day to show EVERY OUNCE of my GREATNESS,
EVERY SINGLE DAY, to ensure my fight back, my rise to the top.



I had a dream recently
In the dream I had only ONE LIFE
ONLY ONE life to show my true character
Only ONE life to show how great I can be
Only ONE life to give the world my very best
Can you imagine …?

Most of us forget we only got ONE LIFE

It could end at any moment
Are you going to give your BEST TODAY?
Are you going to push yourself to your limits?
Are you going to be as GREAT AS YOU CAN BE EVERY SINGLE DAY?
Every single moment
Push yourself
You can be great


If you want to be successful, there are NO DAYS OFF
No days of learning
No days off not growing
No days off searching FOR MORE


~ Fearless Motivation


Blonde Vs Canderel - Blueberry & Lemon CheeseCake

Good Morning Fitfam, Recipe Hunters, Blogger Friends!!
As promised! Another delicious recipe from me to you this fine Wednesday!! Enjoy!!

What you will need:
For the base:
50g low fat spread (such as Flora Light)
150g digestive biscuits - crushed
For the topping:
3-4 sheets of gelatine, depending on the size of the sheets
360g of half fat cream cheese
250g of Vanilla quark (or plain quark with 1 tsp of vanilla extract)
100g Canderel Sugarly
Zest and juice of 2 lemons
250g fresh blueberries (reserve some for the topping d├ęcor)

*You will also need a 20.5cm deep, round and loose bottom spring form tin, lightly greased with a little low fat spread and the base lined with greaseproof paper.

& this is how we do:

First make the base – Tatiana had a great time smashing up the digestive biscuits… not sure who upset her at school on Friday but I’m glad she’s found a more practical way of handling things.. ;0) once we had put aside the 150g we needed for the base, I lost little one to the bag of remaining biscuit crumbles… moving on.. solo..
Melt the low fat spread into a pan over a very low heat – nothing worse than burnt butter! Then add the crushed digestives, giving it a good mix! Spoon into the tin, spread to cover and press down with the back of a wooden spoon. Leave to cool then put in the fridge!
Little ones back in the room and we’re moving onto the topping now. Add the gelatine to a small bowl and cover with water, put to one side for about 5 minutes to soften. In the mixer bowl add the cream cheese, Canderel Sugarly, quark, zest and juice of the lemons and beat until well combined. Squeeze the water from the gelatine, put it back in a clean bowl and pour in just enough boiling water to cover then whisk with a fork until all lumps are dissolved. Add it to the cream cheese mixture and beat until well mixed.

Stir in a third of the blueberries, then spoon mixture over the biscuit base smoothing the top. Pop back into the fridge and chill overnight before releasing from the tin and decorating with your remaining blueberries to serve. 

10 Servings per cheesecake
Macro’s per slice:
Carbs: 18g
Fat: 7g
Protein: 9g

*This is a collaborative post


Blonde Vs Canderel Sugarly - Saturday Night Bake Off!

I mentioned in a recent post that I was really looking to get more healthy snacks that tantalise the taste buds but without damaging my work in the gym - I have less than 3 months before I get in front of the professional camera for the first time ever sooo this Blonde has got some serious work to do!!
So when Canderel stepped in like the perfect alternative Sugar Mama I felt like all my prayers had been answered!
First thing's first, a taste test had to be done... a real comparison, two batches of cupcakes one big difference - Caster Sugar Vs Canderel Sugarly! Two batches of cupcakes is a lot of work for a Blonde so I called in my little helper Tatiana who was delighted to be apart of such an important and tasty task! 
First batch of cupcakes we used the usual caster sugar, I have literally never seen Tatiana's eye's light up like they did when we took her masterpiece out of the oven... No young one! You must wait to really saviour the moment when comparing... so straight on to batch two we went...caught her stealing raspberries a couple of times and this batch she literally watches the oven with excitement as they rose like perfect cupcakes impatiently waiting to try the product of our hard work!
Little one was fascinated with the almighty Kitchenaid
Batch 1 - Caster Sugar
Batch 2 - Sugarly!

Once all the baking was done, we snuggled up with a hot drink and dove right in!! Verdict? Sugar cupcakes are a thing of the past my friends!! Even Tatiana was all over the Canderel Cupcakes! & When I dropped her home later that night I made sure to pack a little box for her mama bear who came back with the exact same verdict, perfect fluffy Canderel Cupcakes were the winner!!
Here's the recipe to make your own!
You will need:
175g low fat spread  
3 free range eggs 
100g of Canderel Sugarly - we put aside 25g of that for a good sugarly coating so only 75g required!
100g of self-raising flour, sieved
1tsp baking powder, sieved
1tsp good quality Vanilla extract
250g punnet of fresh Raspberries
12 whole muffin tin lined with paper cases
& Here's how we created the perfect cupcakes:
First add the low fat spread, eggs, Canderel Sugarly, flour, baking powder and vanilla extract to the bowl of the food mixer and beat until well combined.
Stir through the raspberries (trying not to eat them, Tatiana...) and then divide the mixtures into the paper cases (maybe a little more even then ours above.. ;0). Pop into the oven at 180 celcius and bake for 20-25 minutes until risen with a golden shimmer.
This is where the patience really comes in, once cooked transfer to a wire rack and leave to cool completely before devouring. Add a little extra sparkle by dusting with Canderel Sugarly!!
Et Voila!!
Macros Per Canderel Cupcake:
Carbs: 17.6g
Fat: 4.6g
Protein: 1.9g

& if that wasn't enough to tantalise your taste buds... we also made this beauty of a Canderel Lemon Blueberry Cheese cake for after Sunday Dinner... Recipe will be up Wednesday so stay posted!!

*this is a collaborative post.


The Meaning Behind The Name...

For those of you who know me other than Blonde will know me as Janine (okay few other names have been used to describe me buuuut we wont go there... ;0) ) so one boring lunch break I stumbled across the website Origin Means and looked to find this almost spot of description of me... I say almost, my aggression lasts about 30 seconds until I forget what I'm mad about.. and well.. lets just say I don't always have the best judgment in characters.. nor am I or do I claim to be the brightest spark in the book, oh an I'm not a he, least not last time I checked... Okay I liked how it bigged me up so I'm sharing... 

  • J definition for Janine. The J is the letter of development. He has the spirit of initiative and forecasting. Energetic, spontaneous and often lucky. Great qualities of judgment and timeliness. Liking to see their surroundings change. On the sentimental level it rarely has problems and his life follows a constant development of sorts. However casual friendly connections may be fragile.
  • A definition for Janine. The letter A is positive. It is strong and includes powerful energy. Symbolizing intelligence, activity and assertiveness, but also taste for command and sometimes even aggression. This is a letter of action and change in general. One where travel is favored.
  • N definition for Janine. The letter N symbolizes invention. It is rather scientific. Conciliatory, calm and even tempered. He seeks for rapid changes both in business and work. It has usually has a very small circle of real friends.
  • I definition for Janine. The letter I represents knowledge. Promoting philosophy and teaching. It is sort of a loner who prefers solitude in order to give himself fully to his studies or research. Very cautious. Emotional trouble can befall it easily. Often going from one extreme to another. However, it is reserved and likes traditional values. He likes to see his plans succeed, without hindrance or delay.
  • E definition for Janine. E is a material and spiritual letter. E shines bright in the public eye. Intelligent, active and balanced. Often undergoing changes in lifestyle(moving, travel), but it does not try to cause chaos. Stories of love are usually short-lived happy adventures(often more physical than affective). This does not however prevent marriage. Financially things are generally in order or even pretty good.


Healing Heartbreak

In this world pain is inevitable and sometimes you find yourself in a situation that despite any insecurities you may have, even you couldn’t have envisioned happening.I had one of these moments recently, something I sort of just expected to be a permanent fixture in my life suddenly just wasn’t anymore and as invisible as I tried to make my pain to the world, it really broke my heart.Like all storms, the rain of this one did eventually pass, and I learnt to appreciate the sunshine that still very much existed in my world. Here are my personal tried and tested steps and tips to getting over a loss of a friendship/relationship and I really hope that if you too are going through the storm, they provide you a little guidance to finding your way back to sunnier days:

  1. Acceptance – before you can begin your healing process, you need to accept the situation fully. Denial won’t take the pain away, it will only delay it.
  2. Talk it out – no I don’t mean relentlessly bad mouthing the cause of your heartache – what good is that going to do? It may temporarily make you feel better but in the long term, you need to have peace with the situation to move on. If you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable talking to, write a letter, maybe even to the person who has hurt you and explain everything, every feeling – then burn the letter.
  3. Allowance – it’s okay if one morning you wake up feeling fine and 3 hours later your sobbing in the office bathroom. Allow yourself the time you need to grieve and don’t feel bad about it, all part of the process.
  4. Looking forward – okay so that person is no longer a permanent fixture in your life, there’s no guarantee that anyone in this world ever is, but that person NEVER defined you, your goals or your success. Tipex that part out of your future planned chapters and write new ones. Maybe ones that don’t depend on anyone. One thing I’ve learnt is that whilst it’s nice to have friends that learning to love yourself and depend on yourself will create the best friendship of them all.
  5. Remember – as much as you may have cared for someone you need to always remember that you don’t need anyone in your life that will cause you pain, humiliation or drama.
  6. Learn – recognise the failings you may have made in the friendship or relationship, accept that you probably weren’t perfect but DON’T dwell on them, just use them to better yourself. If you learn something from that person then it wasn’t all a waste of your invested time in them.
  7. Moving forward – when getting close to new people one of the lessons I learnt is, if someone is willing to bad mouth their other ‘friends’ and tell You other people’s private business, you’re a little bit silly for trusting that person with your personal information aren’t you? Be more selective when choosing people to be close to. Some people genuinely want to hear and help with your hardships, and others are simply  fuelled by your mishaps, building it into their memory bank of gossip. You know diaries aren’t that expensive when you feel the need to vent..
  8. Do good – whatever is happening in your life right now, there is almost always someone else that is going through something 100% worse. Doing small things from giving your smile to someone who looks like they are having a bad day, to helping an old lady across the road with her shopping, to donating money or time in a cause in need. These are the little things that you can do on the daily that help to make the world a better place and remind yourself of the person you are. Much nicer than dwelling on the negative opinions of others.
  9. Be Productive – all that energy your using to hurt or miss someone – try really hard redirect that energy, rebalance your focus towards existing and new projects. The more entwined you become with the outcome of your work and the success of your future, the less you will feel the need to look back.
  10. Closure – when you’re good and ready, it’s time to close the chapter. Writing this blog post, was my final closure.

~ Thanks for the memories
~ Love Blonde xo


Homemade Mexican Bean Burgers!

With the fall nights dawning in I feel more like staying in and snuggling up with some good munch than ever!
However still watching the macro’s and so over the next couple of months I have set myself a challenge to try making something new and healthy each week.
& This week was homemade Mexican Bean Burgers!

To try your own you will need:
2 x 400g kidney beans (well rinsed)
2 x large free range eggs
100g wholemeal breadcrumbs
200g salsa of your choice (look out for ones high in sugar and sodium)
1tsp mild chilli powder
1tbsp fresh coriander
Black Pepper & Himalayan Pink Salt to season

In a large mixing bowl crush the kidney beans with a potato masher, add in your egg, salsa, and seasonings before finally the breadcrumbs mixing well (get your hands in there!!)
Form the mixture into patties and place on a non-stick baking tray
Bake for around 10 minutes each side et voila!

Makes around 8 good sized bean burgers which can be kept for 3-4 days in the fridge in an air tight container. 

ignore the sides.. a little less healthy.. ;0)


Wardrobe Wednesday 07/09

A couple of week's back my friend Victoria and I took a trip into the City for some good old girly shopping, chinwagging and food! After Paris, London is my favourite city in the world! (Sorry New York) there's just something in the air that instantly makes me want to whip out the credit card and shop shop shop! Which brings me to my next investment... my latest fav gym outfit!

Sports Bra: Pink by Victoria's Secrets - I hardly ever buy any sports bra that is not from Victoria's Secret, they cost the ££ but cannot be compared for quality and endurance.
Leggings: Cropped Align by Lulu Lemon - Honestly the comfiest leggings I have ever invested in, and they come up high too, meaning I'm less scared to go out without an overlay - Grab a pair here!
Pink and Black Nike Thea's (Thea's are my go to trainers for the gym, they provide stability, comfort and you can really pick up some speed in them. Only downfall is that they do take a little while to break in, at least these ones did - but I picked these ones up from the kiddies section - perks of tiny tootsies!)


Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday!! May your week be filled with goals, ambition & success! 
Today is your day! This week is your week!
Take Control!
Go Smash it!

~ Blonde xo