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For those of you who know me other than Blonde will know me as Janine (okay few other names have been used to describe me buuuut we wont go there... ;0) ) so one boring lunch break I stumbled across the website Origin Means and looked to find this almost spot of description of me... I say almost, my aggression lasts about 30 seconds until I forget what I'm mad about.. and well.. lets just say I don't always have the best judgment in characters.. nor am I or do I claim to be the brightest spark in the book, oh an I'm not a he, least not last time I checked... Okay I liked how it bigged me up so I'm sharing... 

  • J definition for Janine. The J is the letter of development. He has the spirit of initiative and forecasting. Energetic, spontaneous and often lucky. Great qualities of judgment and timeliness. Liking to see their surroundings change. On the sentimental level it rarely has problems and his life follows a constant development of sorts. However casual friendly connections may be fragile.
  • A definition for Janine. The letter A is positive. It is strong and includes powerful energy. Symbolizing intelligence, activity and assertiveness, but also taste for command and sometimes even aggression. This is a letter of action and change in general. One where travel is favored.
  • N definition for Janine. The letter N symbolizes invention. It is rather scientific. Conciliatory, calm and even tempered. He seeks for rapid changes both in business and work. It has usually has a very small circle of real friends.
  • I definition for Janine. The letter I represents knowledge. Promoting philosophy and teaching. It is sort of a loner who prefers solitude in order to give himself fully to his studies or research. Very cautious. Emotional trouble can befall it easily. Often going from one extreme to another. However, it is reserved and likes traditional values. He likes to see his plans succeed, without hindrance or delay.
  • E definition for Janine. E is a material and spiritual letter. E shines bright in the public eye. Intelligent, active and balanced. Often undergoing changes in lifestyle(moving, travel), but it does not try to cause chaos. Stories of love are usually short-lived happy adventures(often more physical than affective). This does not however prevent marriage. Financially things are generally in order or even pretty good.

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