Wardrobe Wednesday 07/09

A couple of week's back my friend Victoria and I took a trip into the City for some good old girly shopping, chinwagging and food! After Paris, London is my favourite city in the world! (Sorry New York) there's just something in the air that instantly makes me want to whip out the credit card and shop shop shop! Which brings me to my next investment... my latest fav gym outfit!

Sports Bra: Pink by Victoria's Secrets - I hardly ever buy any sports bra that is not from Victoria's Secret, they cost the ££ but cannot be compared for quality and endurance.
Leggings: Cropped Align by Lulu Lemon - Honestly the comfiest leggings I have ever invested in, and they come up high too, meaning I'm less scared to go out without an overlay - Grab a pair here!
Pink and Black Nike Thea's (Thea's are my go to trainers for the gym, they provide stability, comfort and you can really pick up some speed in them. Only downfall is that they do take a little while to break in, at least these ones did - but I picked these ones up from the kiddies section - perks of tiny tootsies!)

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