What If? Paige Hathaway

Do you feel like you're missing something?
...that your life was meant for more and your greatest potential hasn't been reached yet? Do you have bigger dreams, goals and aspirations for yourself? Do you envision something else with your life? 
I always hear people talk about the things they want to achieve, but the question is, how bad do YOU truly want it? This dream you dream of is right under your finger tips, so what's stopping you from starting? What's holding you back from achieving you're wildest desires? Maybe you feel although your goals are "stupid" or maybe you wouldn’t be able to achieve these dream you dream of... But then again wouldn't you rather fail on the pursuant instead of not pursuing them at all. 
To know that you've tried your best and followed your heart. No matter the outcome - promise yourself to have no regrets. Take what you've just read in this very moment and let those thoughts fill your mind. 
"What if" it doesn't workout.. 
Ahhh but "what If" it does?

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