Monday Motivation - It's Time For War!

Today. Right now you are going to war.
You are going into war with your opponent
You are going to war with yourself.
You are not scared… You are prepared
You are not weak… You are a machine. A Freak.
Are you focused?!?


Yes you are. You are focused and you will not lose sight of that.
Not today, not tomorrow, next week or next year.
Repeat after me.
Today is my day.
No one will get in the way of my dreams,
of my growth or my desire to be the VERY BEST in my chosen field.
Yes i said the best.
No one has the right to take that mantle from me.
I will sacrifice until i reach the very top.
No matter how hard it gets.
No matter how many times life beats me down.
I will get up EVERYTIME!
I will fight tooth and nail.

Desire Drive Determination & Fire, they burn within me.
When my body screams NO i will scream LOUDER…
Give me more. push me harder
Because i know my courage lies in my HEART
My heart is stronger than my body.
No one has a stronger HEART a stronger mind
Send me 10,000 men and i will defeat them all with heart alone.


I am prepared for battle
I am prepared to soar
Come at me i dare you it’s 


Respect is not given it is earned

I don’t need an alarm clock
My goals wake me
My desire wakes me
My purpose wakes me

I don’t need haters to fuel my fire
My PURPOSE is my fire
My FAMILY is my fire
My GREATNESS is my fire

I don’t need others opinions
I have my own opinions
I have my own heart
I have my own DREAMS

There’s nothing I can not be do or have!
No one can tell me what I can or can’t do!
I decide what is possible for me
I decide what path I will choose
I will decide what sacrifices will be made
What people will walk with me
What people I must let go
I decide how big my goals are
How crazy they might seem to ordinary people
I am far from ORDINARY

I don’t pick average anything!
I am anything but average!
I want more!
I will be more! 
I will give more!
More effort
More pain
More sacrifice
More heart
More courage
and what comes next

There’s nothing I can not be do or have!
No one can tell me what I can or can’t do!
I decide what is possible for me
I decide what path I will choose
I will decide what sacrifices will be made

Live your dream

~Fearless Motivation


Blonde Vs Gym - Spotify

For me, to zone out, I mean really zone out in the gym - a good Spotify playlist is essential! Here are my current fav's to lose my head & pump iron to:

# P.O.D – Satellite
# Rage against the machine - Pistol Grip Pump
# Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle without Honor or Humanity
# Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up
# Five Finger Death Punch – The Pride
# Buckcherry – Crazy B*tch
# Halestorm – I miss the misery
# Halestorm – Mz.Hyde
# ACDC – Highway to Hell
# ACDC – Thunderstruck
# ACDC – Emission Control
# ACDC - Sweet Candy
# Pantera – Cowboys from hell
# The Quemists – Run You
# The Quemists – Renegade
# The Quemists – Dem Na Like Me
# The Quemists – Jungle
#The Quemists – Anger
# The Quemists – New Design
# The Quemists – We are the problem
# The Quemists – Warrior Sound
# The Quemists – Let it burn
# Pendulum – Self vs Self
# Chase & Status – End Credits
# Devlin – All along the watchtower
# The X-Ecutioners – It’s going Down
# Papa Roach – Hollywood Whore
# Falling in Reverse – Good girls, bad guys
# Falling in Reverse – Just like you
# Falling in Reverse – Sexy Drug
#Imagine Dragon – Warriors
# Sum 41 – Fake my own death
# Systems of a down – Toxicity


Vitality North London Half Marathon 2017!

The Vitality North London Half Marathon is returning for its third year on Sunday 12th March 2017, boasting the greatest finish line in the world INSIDE Wembley Stadium connected by EE!

Early bird entries are NOW OPEN at www.northlondonhalf.com, where you can bag yourself an unforgettable finale to your 13.1 mile half marathon challenge under the famous sporting arch!

Charleen Cannone, General Manager, for the event organisers said: “We are delighted to be returning to Wembley for the third instalment of the Vitality North London Half Marathon! We are expecting more people than ever to be inspired to take part in this exciting running event for London, with a route that also takes in Allianz Park, home of the mighty Saracens! Perfectly timed exactly six weeks before the Virgin Money London Marathon, we anticipate that many full marathon runners in training will also take the opportunity of a pre-marathon training run on the streets of London. 

“After the success of moving the finish line to Wembley in 2016, we are expecting a sell-out event for 2017, and would encourage runners to take advantage of the limited £5 off early bird offer to secure their place now to avoid disappointment!”

All runners in 2017 will receive a finishers t-shirt, fantastic medal, premium goody bag and post-race massage on race day. To secure your limited early bird discount at £38 for affiliated runners and £40 for unaffiliated entry, visit www.northlondonhalf.com.

The Vitality North London Half Marathon is supported by a number of partners and charities, giving runners ample opportunity to raise funds for good causes. The event is part of the Vitality Run Series, which is sponsored by Vitality, the health and life insurer that rewards healthy living. The official national charity partner once again is Macmillan Cancer Support.

Neville Koopowitz, Vitality CEO, said: "We are delighted to be supporting the Vitality North London Half Marathon for a third year and hope the route, which finishes in the iconic Wembley Stadium, will inspire even more people to get involved.”

Julie Harrington, Operations Director of Wembley Stadium, said: “We are delighted that the Vitality North London Half Marathon is returning to Wembley Stadium for its third year. It is always a pleasure for us to welcome the runners to the stadium as they prepare to cross the finish line under our iconic arch.”

Gordon Banks, Saracens Stadium Director, said: “The Vitality North London Half Marathon has become a key date in calendar for race enthusiasts and the local community. We are delighted to once again announce that Allianz Park will form an integral part of the race in 2017. Last year’s Vitality North London Half Marathon saw over thousands of runners take to the streets of Barnet, Brent and North London in a world-class running event that they can be proud of and we are excited that Allianz Park will once again be at the heart of it all.”

Macmillan Cancer Support are delighted to be the lead national charity again for 2017. Sally Tibbitts,  Events Programme Manager, said: “In 2016 we had an amazing 600 runners join Team Macmillan for the Vitality North London Half Marathon, and through their support we are able to help more people affected by cancer. This year we want to be bigger and better and help even more people. No one should have to face cancer alone.”
Twitterwww.twitter.com/northlondonhalf #northlondonhalf #stadiumtostadium

About Vitality – changing health and life insurance for good
Vitality is the insurance business that helps people understand how they can improve their own personal health. Vitality makes it cheaper and easier for its members to get healthy and gives them rewards to keep them motivated, through a range of discounts and incentives.
Vitality believes in the power of sport to help inspire people to live a healthy life, which is why it partners with leading sports figures, teams and events to help share the Vitality message.

Vitality Ambassadors Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jonny Wilkinson and Joe Root are role models who embody the values of Vitality. They are all using their passion for living a healthy lifestyle to motivate others to make positive changes. Taking small steps today can dramatically improve wellbeing over the long-term, regardless of your current state of health.

Vitality is Official Wellness Partner of Arsenal FC, AFC Bournemouth, Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, England Rugby, Scottish Rugby, the Welsh Rugby Union, Cricket’s UK Test Match Grounds and England Netball. The business is also title sponsor of the Vitality Run Series and Official Partner of The Sunday Times and Sky Sports Sportswomen of the Year Awards in association with Vitality.

VitalityHealth is one of the UK’s leading private medical insurers and has pioneered the ‘shared-value’ insurance model. This is a unique approach which delivers value for Vitality members through rewards and ultimately better health. Society as a whole also benefits, as do the company’s profits, which comes about as a result of people being healthier and claiming less often.

VitalityLife is one of the fastest growing life insurers in the UK. It is unique to the current UK protection market and its suite of products includes Life Cover, Income Protection Cover, Serious Illness Cover, Business Protection and other additional products. By recognising people's efforts to look after themselves, VitalityLife is able to offer a more comprehensive set of benefits than traditional providers at a very competitive price. For more information visit www.vitality.co.uk.

About Wembley Stadium Connected by EE:
Wembley Stadium connected by EE is the home of the England national football team. Since its creation in 1923, Wembley has hosted some of the most famous sporting and music entertainment events, including England’s World Cup success in 1966, Live Aid in 1985, Take That’s record-breaking Progress Tour in 2011 and the blockbuster boxing match between Carl Froch and George Groves in 2014.

The original stadium was demolished in 2000 and the new, 90,000-seat stadium was opened in 2007. Thanks to its partnership with EE, it is also one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world. Visitors can also use the official Wembley connected by EE app to further enhance their visitor experience.   The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play and includes the following features; the latest event calendar including how to buy tickets, check out the view from your seat, plan your journey from sofa to seat, the Wembley social wall, Wembley Radio and Arch Cam, plus more great features.
Wembley Stadium has evolved and now hosts no fewer than 15 different event owners with an incredible 29 events scheduled for 2015. The NFL will host three International Series matches in 2015 which complement the other existing partnerships with the Football League, RFL, Saracens Rugby Club and a number of music promoters, including SJM, Metropolis and Live Nation.

In 2012 the stadium hosted nine matches during the Olympic Games and was the proud host of the 2011 and 2013 UEFA Champions League Final, making it a total of seven European Cup Finals, more than any other venue in Europe.

Wembley Stadium has a rich and proud sporting and music heritage spanning 91-years and 2015 is no different, with acts including The Capital Summertime Ball, AC/DC and Ed Sheeran.

Macmillan Cancer Support
When you have cancer, you don’t just worry about what will happen to your body, you worry about what will happen to your life. Whether it’s concerns about who you can talk to, planning for the extra costs or what to do about work, at Macmillan we understand how a cancer diagnosis can take over everything.

That’s why we’re here. We provide support that helps people take back control of their lives. But right now, we can’t reach everyone who needs us. We need your help to make sure that people affected by cancer get the support they need to face the toughest fight of their life. No one should face cancer alone, and with your support no one will.

To get involved, call 0300 1000 200 today. And please remember, we’re here for you too. If you’d like support, information or just to chat, call us free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am–8pm) or visitwww.macmillan.org.uk


Monday Motivation - Life's Tough

It’s tough
Life… is tough
It’s tough when you work so hard…
And get so little…

It’s hard when your effort is high…
but your reward is low

It’s hard when you do EVERYTHING right
but everything turns out WRONG

But what are you going to do?
Are You going to give up?
You have every right to give up…
You can and SHOULD throw in the towel…
This is not for you…
This successful living thing people talk about…
This abundant life…
This amazing story of how you fought back and MADE IT despite the odds being stacked against you….
It’s not for you…


If you give up you will NEVER make it…
You will NEVER know just how GREAT you can be.

If you SUFFER through.
If you develop PERSISTENCE and an unstoppable DESIRE to do WHATEVER IT TAKES…
Then, you will come out on top

What is important to you?
What dreams do you have?
If you miss the target at least you will LIVE with pride knowing you have no regrets

Before you reach that last breath, TODAY might be the day to make a change
Make Your life matter
One day it will be over…
There will be 2 dates, either side of a dash
Make sure that dash is not empty
Make sure it is full of life
Full of LIVING

Don’t be like everyone else: Existing

Life Is Tough
Life Is Persistent


Life may be tough. But YOU… YOU ARE TOUGHER!
There will always be tough moments… tragedy and pain
But if you STAY STRONG and KEEP FIGHTING you will not only survive
you will THRIVE.
You will discover the challenge was actually the reward.
The climb and sacrifice were the reward not the prize.
It’s not the reward that gives you the ultimate satisfaction… but the PRIDE in knowing YOUR CHARACTER prevailed…
Your Character shone through…



~ Fearless Motivation


Blondies Bootcamp Week 3!

Olaaa! Week 3 of Blondies Bootcamp!! As always thank you to everyone who is following and I am loving sharing my workouts with you! All reps and sets are for guidance only, there are days where I just can't get out that last rep, or can't face that last set. & Then there are days where I smash the hell out of a work out! Please don't ever feel defeated, just giving it a shot makes you a winner in my eyes! Okay lets do this!!

Back and Biceps:
Warm up – rowing machine x15
Wide grip lat pull down - 4 sets x 12 reps
Underhand Cable Pull Down - 4 sets x 12 reps
Rope Cable Curl - 4 sets x 12 reps
Bent over Barbell Row - 4 sets x 12 reps
Seated Cable Row - 4 sets x 12 reps

Glute & Quads:
Warm Up – Stair Master
Walking lunges (with dumbbell or mini barbell) - 4 sets x 12 reps
Barbell good mornings - 4 sets x 12 reps
Barbell Sumo Squats - 4 sets x 12 reps
Cable Kick Backs - 4 sets x 12 reps each leg
Warm down.

Total Core Blaster:
Warm up – Hiit/Liss Cardio mix x 45 minutes.
Hanging leg raises - 4 sets x 15 reps
HyperExtensions - 4 sets x 15 reps
Cable Crunches - - 4 sets x 20 reps
TRX/Ball Pikes - 4 sets x 10 reps
Dumbell Side Bend - 4 sets x 12 reps each side
Plank - 30 seconds
Side Bridge - 30 seconds each side

Shoulders & Triceps:
Warm Up – 15 Minutes rowing
Seated dumbbell front raise - 4 sets x 12 reps
Tricep dips (add weight on lap to advance) - 4 sets x 12 reps
Skull Crusher - 4 sets x 12 reps
One Arm Shoulder Press - 4 sets x 12 reps each arm
Cable Rope Overhead Pull - 4 sets x 12 reps
Incline Delt raise - 4 sets x 12 reps

Hammy, Calfs & Booty:
10 minute cardio warm up of your choice, followed by stretching
Split Squat with pulse - 4 sets x 12 reps
Straight Leg Dead-Lift - 4 sets x 12 reps
Hamstring Curl - 4 sets x 12 reps
Barbell Hip Thrust - 4 sets x 12 reps
Ankle Weight Donkey Kicks - 4 sets x 12 reps each leg

Standing Calf Raises - 4 sets x 12 reps each leg

Foodie Friday - Food Prep!

Food Prep – it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can create masterpiece display lunches, or you can work out what macros your body needs for the day and create a simple menu to accomplish the task – the latter is pretty much how my mind works.

However you approach the task, if you want to be successful in a health and fitness journey I deem it essential, a ritual addition to your week.

I am a lazy shopper – doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, makeup, food – if I can buy it online I will avoid queuing at a store for sure! So I usually plan what I am eating the Wednesday before, order my food to be delivered when I get home on a Friday night – then depending on what I have planned for the weekend I will pick a slot to get prepping. Usually a Sunday morning, but as I said if I’m busy on the Sunday I will quite often get my mass cook on the Saturday night – I know right… Punk stuff!!

Now.. I’m a simple girl, and I will quite happily eat the same or similar meals for lunch 4-5 days a week, it doesn’t bother me but what I will do is cook a batch of chicken, chicken sausages, steak bits so I have a little bit of choice and 80% of the time I will bake the sausages, marinade the chicken and beef and then fry that in coconut oil. Simples right? Next on the list is my complex carbs – I tend to keep oats at work for breakfast and most of the time I eat just 45g of rolled oats cooked with skimmed or almond milk and I eat that pretty much as soon as I get to work. I train mostly in the mornings at the moment so on the way to work I have a high protein drink, my favourite being a double scoop of Quest Nutritions chocolate milkshake – ermagawd if you haven’t tried it yet you don’t know what you are missing!! Next.. mid morning snack – this is usually my chicken sausages and often I will have some hard boiled eggs on the side. Lunch is usually either chicken or beef, occasionally salmon I just don’t find cooked ahead salmon smells very nice after day 1… in fact it stanks!!! I’ll have this with some form of green vegetable and on a training day – complex carbs – this week was rice. This pretty much keeps me full for the afternoon and then I will have dinner when I get home (whatever I fancy within my macro requirements, this is when I mostly eat fish.) and I always try to have a protein shake right before I go to bed to assist my body in muscle recovery and maintenance.

I pack all of my foods separately in containers and refridgerate – packing my six pack fitness Tupperware the night before I plan to eat. Et voila!! Once you get into the swing of food prepping, and have organised the process in your mind, it really is the simplest, most efficient way to ensure you stay on track with your goals during the week. I think it takes me about an hour of smashing through and it’s done.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose?


Blondies Bootcamp Week 2!!

Hello my beauties!! Hope you are all having a fabulous week and I am sending you alllll of the positive vibes as always!!
Here is Blondies Bootcamp week 2!! Thanks so much for all the kind feedback so far! Keep nailing it!!

Glute's & Pegs:
  • Fire those muscle fibres up with a Good Ole Stretch session
  • Exercise 1: Walking Lunges with Pulse - 4 sets/12 reps
  • Exercise 2: Barbell Good Morning's - 4 sets/12 reps
  • Exercise 3: Dumbell Rear Lunges - 4 sets/12 reps
  • Exercise 4: Barbell Pulse Squats - 4 sets/12 reps
  • Exercise 5: Romanian Deadlifts - 4 sets/12 reps
  • Warm down with a 15 minute power walk and stretch those muscle fibers back out!

Back & Biceps
  • Warm up! 15 minutes cardio of your choice.
  • Alternating Bicep Curls - 4 sets/ 12 reps
  • Dumbell Row - 4 sets/12 reps
  • One arm Cable Row - 3 sets/ 12 reps per arm
  • Standing Wide Grip Lat Pull Down - 4 sets/ 12 reps
  • Hyperextensions (works the lower back & Core) - 2 sets with bodyweight only followed by 2 sets with free weights - 12 reps (add a twist to further advance)  

Chest Day & Ab Circuit
  • Warm up! 15 Minutes Rowing.
  • Barbell Chest Press - 4 sets/8 reps
  • Incline Dumbell Press - 4 sets/8 reps
  • Incline Dumbell Pull-Over - 4 sets/ 8 reps
  • Incline Dumbell Flys - 4 sets/8 reps
  • Ab Circuit - Complete x3: Jack-knife sit up x 2o, Torso twist with free weight x 10 each side, Flutter Kicks x 10 each side, Decline Oblique Crunch x 20

Shoulders & Triceps
  • Warm up! Rowing Machine x 15 minutes
  • Super-Set: Dumbell Shoulder Press with Tricep Dips - 4 round super-sets, 12 reps per each exercise. 
  • Super-Set: Cable Rope Rear Delt Row with Cable Rope overhead Tricep extensions - 4 round super-sets/ 12 reps per exercise per set.
  • Follow with: 40 x Cable Crunches, 40 x Leg Raises & 30 minutes of cardio of your choice.

Leg Day - Round 2!
  • Warm up! Stair Master - 10 minutes (& stretch out legs)
  • Lying Dumbell Hamstring Curl - 4 sets/12 reps
  • Leg Press - 4 sets/12 reps/10 reps/8 reps/6 reps (increasing weight per set)
  • Leg Press Calf raises - 4 sets/15 reps
  • Split Squats - 4 sets/12 reps
  • Thoroughly stretch out and do another 15 minutes of low intensity cardio to warm down.

Monday Motivation - Never Quit

When you come to a crossroad, and run into the winner and the quitter in you…
Listen to the winner. 

The quitter will never take you down the road you want to travel.

I believe we all have a winner in us.
There is a WINNER inside of you
Sometimes we’ve just been hanging around with 
LOSERS for far too long.
Develop the mindset of a winner.

The truth is, MOST people GIVE UP on their dream.
Most people give up on their dream to live the average lifestyle. .
But it really doesn’t matter what most people do,
Because YOU are different!
YOU will NOT listen to the AVERAGE!
YOU WILL ALWAYS listen to the winner in you!
You WILL believe in yourself when NO ONE ELSE DOES.
YOU WILL believe in yourself when you have NO REASON to believe!


I Know some of you are going through a rough time.
SOME OF you are going into the FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE
Fighting for your future
Fighting for your career
Fighting for your family
Some of you are FIGHTING for your life
And i’m telling you: DO NOT QUIT

I know life can be tough,
I know life can wear you down
, but if you just STICK IT OUT
Even if you don’t get the result…
you will find…
the character you show will be your REWARD
The fighting spirit you develop will be the REWARD!
And it will serve you well, for the rest of your life.

Don’t you DARE quit. Don’t you DARE settle. Don’t you DARE back down.
Not TODAY, or any other day.
When the tough moments come, NEVER FORGET, you are in THAT MOMENT, writing your legacy.
In that TOUGH MOMENT you are setting the standard for your character. Do you have the character?


When you come to a crossroad 
and run into the winner and the quitter in you…
Listen to the winner!

When you make a commitment to yourself

Never, ever quit.

~ Fearless Motivation


Gym Place Etiquette

          Dear Guys… whilst leg pressing 400kg is an amazing accomplishment and I am sincerely impressed.. You do not then need to leave it fully loaded as some kind of shrine to your work – DE-RACK YOUR WEIGHTS!! I have enough to worry about trying to press 150-200kg without having to move 200-250kg first!!

Ladies, if we ask your fella to help spot us during a lift it is because we are pushing ourselves beyond what we feel comfortable with, evil looks from you are not required. Guys if we ask for your spotting skills during a lift, we’re doing it to be safe, not cute. It’s not a secret sign that we want your baby juice.

Listen, at no point is it okay, to EVER judge other people on the gym floor… everyone that gets up puts their gym gear on and heads out the door deserves the same level of respect regardless of how they look, how experienced they are, how heavy they choose to lift or not lift. FOCUS on your own workouts and don’t you DARE stand there with your little clique passing judgement and smirking at others.

If you wish to know how many sets I have remaining on a certain piece of equipment, feel free to come over and ask me. Please don’t then proceed to stand there impatiently glaring at me as I complete my sets.. I will hold your spot on the equipment and give you the nod when I’m done.. :0)

      If you spill your sports drink on the floor... And then proceed to walk away leaving it for the gym’s cleaning team to sort out; you are causing a hazard to everyone else in the gym in the meantime. It’s not beneath you to clean your own mess up, darling.

Ladies, I love a good locker room selfie, you love a good locker room selfie… however I would appreciate it if you could avoid capturing my naked booty gains in the background of your selfie.. Be a little more aware of your surroundings yeah?

Thank you please… Blonde xox


Midweek Moments - October Resolutions

  1. Find a new exercise I’ve never tried and add it to my weekly work outs – Practise makes perfect!
  2. Train 5 sessions a week minimum focusing on muscle definition.
  3. Write & Publish 3 posts to Blonde Ambitionz.
  4. Study at least twice a week for PT qualification.
  5. Read a new book – maybe self-help or goal guidance type of book.
  6. Focus on the people closest to me in my life only, the others really don’t matter, please try to remember that Blonde..
  7. Write an emotion journal for my eyes only.. I just started a new contraception pill.. this should be eventful..
  8. Make and test one new recipe per week – maybe this could be one of the 3 blog posts?
  9. Shop less.. haha… yeah maybe..
  10. Maybe a meal prep on a budget experiment would be good?
  11. Follow at least 3 of the above goals through…

You got this Blonde!



David Lloyds Friday night study date and protein plate!

First lay in over a month!

Breakfast one was Granola... didn't have that photogenic vibe to it!

The general motto of the weekend.

Keek made me this amazing Pork Rib & New Potato dinner!

Very overdue pamper session

Lay in numero 2... not going to lie, could get used to this!

Sunday Morning Brunch Date at Harris + Hoole

Food Prep O'Clock

Prep Game Strong? #Gainz

Mmmmn Warming Homemade Chilli - Soul Food <3

New Dressing Gown for fall Snuggles xx 

Hope everyone had a magical weekend! Lets smash this week!!


Blondies BootCamp! Train with me!!

Helloooo my lovely readers! I trust you had a magical weekend and are getting ready for the week ahead?

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen last week I started a fun little online bootcamp, little work outs from me to you! Originally I started writing out these workout’s for my friend Shayne who was struggling to find his motivation in the gym… I was reluctant at first.. a) I’m not fully qualified yet b) could I create a workout for a guy that would push him to his limits? Apparently I pulled it off. After completing workout number one, he called me and asked if I was after his life! Success!! So I then decided to release workout 1 to everyone on my Instagram and the response was phenomenal – so many DM’s complimenting my work and thanking me for releasing a mini programme to give them idea’s and structure their programmes without charging a penny! It made me feel good, alas we have Blondies Bootcamp! I plan to release 5 workout’s a week. You can follow my Instagram and get them daily (week days) or you can check in here once a week where I will have uploaded the workouts from the week before!

So Blondies Bootcamp – Week 1 – Here goes!

Back Day:

Warm up – 15 minutes on the rowing machine, as much resistance as you can manage whilst rowing at a pace which keeps your heart rate up.

  • Dumbell Row- 4 sets/12 reps
  • Barbell Row – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Single Arm Row – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Lat Pull Down – 4 sets/12 reps/10 reps/8 reps/rest 60 seconds and then 4th set rep until burn out.
  • Warm Down – Rowing machine for another 15 minutes but switch your arms between 2 minutes overarm, 2 minutes under arm row, 30 seconds single arm row/ switch arm – another 30 seconds. Complete this circuit 3 times.

Leg Day:

  • Warm up – 5 minute Power Walk/Jog on the treadmill
  • Kettlebell or mini barbell walking lunges – 4sets/12 reps
  • Barbell squats – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Leg press – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Hamstring curl – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Warm down – stairmaster x15 minutes and stretch out

Arms workout & Abs Circuit:

  • Warm up – Rowing machine x 15 minutes focusing on contracting core
  • Dumbell bicep curls – 4 set/12 reps
  • Cable row tricep extensions (overhead) – 4 sets/ 12 reps
  • Hammer curls – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Tricep dips – 4 sets/12 reps

Ab Circuit – complete 3 times with a 60 second break between each:

  • 90 degree leg raises (you can add a twist to make these harder) x 20
  • Cable crunches x 20
  • Russian Twists x 20
  • Plank – aiming for 30 seconds minimum

Shoulders & Core cardio:

  • Warm up – rower x 15 minutes
  • Dumbell Lateral raises – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Barbell front raises – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Alternating Kettle Bell Press – 4 sets/12 reps
  • Rear Delt Rows – 4 sets/12 reps

Core Cardio Circuit – Complete twice with a 60 second break:

  • Mountain climbers – 1 minute
  • Reverse crunches x 20
  • Ball Pikes x 15

Chest Workout:

  • Warm up – Rowing machine x 15 minutes
  • Incline Barbell Chest Press – 4 sets/8 reps
  • Incline Dumbell Fly – 4 sets/ 8 reps (SUPER-SET WITH) Incline Dumbell Press – 4 sets/8 reps
  • Machine chest press – 4 sets/ 8 reps
  • & if your still buzzing after all of that (your crazy) set yourself a push up challenge – how many push ups you can squeeze into 2 minutes, 60 seconds of rest then go again.
  • When your ready to warm down hit the rowing machine for another 15 minutes.

& that’s it! I must mention, this is not my profession but my passion. It’s just a bit of fun, some ideas to chuck into your probably already great workouts. So just go with it! Have some fun! Enjoy!!

Happy Sweating!