Foodie Friday! Easy Breakfasts!

I call them breakfast's but if I'm honest.. I'll eat all 3 of these quick meals for any meal of the day...

Egg white Omelette:
  1. 200g Egg whites - I use Two Chicks
  2. Handful of Spinach
  3. 30g of diced feta cheese
  4. Dash of skimmed milk
  5. Black pepper to season
Combine Egg whites, skimmed milk and black pepper and give a good whisk. Pour into a oven proof frying pan and add your toppings, cook on a moderate heat for around 2 minutes just to cook the bottom of the omelette, then remove the pan from the stove and place under the grill for another minute or two until the top of the omelette is set and glistening a little golden on the top!
Carbs: 5g Protein: 20g Fat: 7g

Homemade Protein Pancakes:
  1. 3 x Large Eggs
  2. 125g Arla Protein cottage cheese
  3. 45g Mornflake oats
  4. 1 x Small banana
  5. 1 x Tsp Coconut oil
In a Nutribullet blitz your oats until they become fine, add your eggs, protein cottage cheese and banana, blitz until smooth - add some almond milk if you think it needs it to smooth out. In a small sauce pan melt a tsp of coconut oil over a medium heat and pour in about a ladels worth of batter, once you start to see the little bubbles popping through the middle it's time to flip, each pancake takes about 90 seconds each side. Repeat. Recipe serves 2.. macro's per serving below:
Carbs: 27g, Protein: 20g, Fat: 10g

Eggy Oats:

  1. 45g mornflake oats
  2. 100g egg whites 
  3. 75ml almond milk
  4. 1 tsp x cinnamon
  5. Honey/Stevia to sweeten/ fruit topping of your choice
In a small saucepan combine your almond milk, egg whites, cinnamon and oats, then over a low heat on the stove slowly cook through stirring continuously so that the eggs do not try to scramble! Add honey/stevia to your tasting & top with whatever you so desire!
Carbs: 27g, Protein: 16g, Fat: 5g.

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