Gym Place Etiquette

          Dear Guys… whilst leg pressing 400kg is an amazing accomplishment and I am sincerely impressed.. You do not then need to leave it fully loaded as some kind of shrine to your work – DE-RACK YOUR WEIGHTS!! I have enough to worry about trying to press 150-200kg without having to move 200-250kg first!!

Ladies, if we ask your fella to help spot us during a lift it is because we are pushing ourselves beyond what we feel comfortable with, evil looks from you are not required. Guys if we ask for your spotting skills during a lift, we’re doing it to be safe, not cute. It’s not a secret sign that we want your baby juice.

Listen, at no point is it okay, to EVER judge other people on the gym floor… everyone that gets up puts their gym gear on and heads out the door deserves the same level of respect regardless of how they look, how experienced they are, how heavy they choose to lift or not lift. FOCUS on your own workouts and don’t you DARE stand there with your little clique passing judgement and smirking at others.

If you wish to know how many sets I have remaining on a certain piece of equipment, feel free to come over and ask me. Please don’t then proceed to stand there impatiently glaring at me as I complete my sets.. I will hold your spot on the equipment and give you the nod when I’m done.. :0)

      If you spill your sports drink on the floor... And then proceed to walk away leaving it for the gym’s cleaning team to sort out; you are causing a hazard to everyone else in the gym in the meantime. It’s not beneath you to clean your own mess up, darling.

Ladies, I love a good locker room selfie, you love a good locker room selfie… however I would appreciate it if you could avoid capturing my naked booty gains in the background of your selfie.. Be a little more aware of your surroundings yeah?

Thank you please… Blonde xox

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