Midweek Moments - October Resolutions

  1. Find a new exercise I’ve never tried and add it to my weekly work outs – Practise makes perfect!
  2. Train 5 sessions a week minimum focusing on muscle definition.
  3. Write & Publish 3 posts to Blonde Ambitionz.
  4. Study at least twice a week for PT qualification.
  5. Read a new book – maybe self-help or goal guidance type of book.
  6. Focus on the people closest to me in my life only, the others really don’t matter, please try to remember that Blonde..
  7. Write an emotion journal for my eyes only.. I just started a new contraception pill.. this should be eventful..
  8. Make and test one new recipe per week – maybe this could be one of the 3 blog posts?
  9. Shop less.. haha… yeah maybe..
  10. Maybe a meal prep on a budget experiment would be good?
  11. Follow at least 3 of the above goals through…

You got this Blonde!

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