New Chapter, New Gym, New Routine!

Olaaa my beautiful readers & happy Wednesday! I hope wherever you are and whatever the weather may be that the sun is shining your hearts and you are full of positive vibes!

I made a vow to myself recently, to be less afraid, to avoid the what- if’s and take chances even when they are frankly quite bloody scary! This month I made the decision to freshen up my work outs, by adding a second workout environment. I opted for David Lloyd’s because it was close to where I work and I have heard nothing but good reviews.. (for good reason may I add)
Signed up Friday, trained at my usual gym over the weekend and then Monday morning 4.30am I was up and out of bed -Yup I was so excited I didn’t even snooze the alarm!

Coffee – check! Gym bag packed – check! A mountain of food packed – check! Spare panties in case I cack myself with nerves – check! 6am I was on the road for my 25 mile trip from my house to the new gym… walked in… found my way to the locker room.. battled with my lock and key for about 3 minutes.. deep breath – lets train.

Within 10 minutes of being on the treadmill warming up - I was comfortable, I was in Blonde Zone, I was ready to get my mini beast mode on!! I had planned a leg day for the Monday – you know start the week with my favourite kind of session but due to an unforeseen hip flexor injury I had to give that a miss… so I did a 30 minute fasted cardio session, followed by back and core training. Other than having to ask another member for some help adjusting one of the machines because I was too little– I was solo and powering through and I LOVED IT.

So moral of the story – be less afraid, go out there and grab life by the balls, be independent, focus on YOUR goals and what it takes to hit them. Sometimes throwing yourself entirely out of your comfort zone is what’s going to refresh your focus and help you nail those goals!

Have a great week! Love, Blonde xox 

From gym to office!

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